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Green tea whose leaves have been steamed to prevent oxidation, rolled, and then dried, typically producing a bright yellowish-green infusion.

[Japanese (literally, "decocted tea," since sencha is steeped in a teapot, unlike matcha, the form of tea more common in Japan until the 18th century, which is mixed with hot water in the bowl from which it is drunk) : sen, to simmer, decoct, steep (from Middle Chinese tsian, to fry in shallow oil, simmer) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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This all-natural tea includes Sencha green tea, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, each single serving individually wrapped in a unique, carefully crafted mini cube.
Ziptip was included in Tech Cocktail's list of Boston's Hottest Startups and its solution was awarded a number of accolades including Best Use Case/Best Market Potential (HP Cross Platform Challenge Award) and Best Use of the Sencha Touch App Framework at WIP Connector's Muther
Different filters will have a different impact on the type of infusion that results - for example, brewing a Japanese Sencha using a filter with microfine holes can result in small particles being able to pass through the filter.
The Glorious Greens box is a carefully assembled collection of green teas and includes organic Sencha Fuji, Ginger Green and Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose, the latter a nod to the nearby Rose Garden and Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden.
Cordova, HTML5 and Titanium, as well as frameworks such as Xamarin, Sencha
The Sencha is generally picked from the Yabukita tea bush.
Sencha has significantly upgraded Ext JS, its flagship development platform for building unmatched cross-browser applications.
The last chapter discusses the complementary framework Sencha Touch.
It comes in multiple varieties (black, green, white, pu-her, oolong, sencha, bancha.
Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha, a company that is an HTML5 development partner of RIM on the BlackBerry 10 platform, remains optimistic.
In a blast e-mail ad campaign, it offered sale prices on Japanese Sencha green tea, travel backgammon sets and $500 geometric throw blankets.
Visually stunning BlackBerry 10 applications from Cisco, Foursquare, Sencha, Gameloft, Halfbrick Studios, Madfinger Games and Funkoi were revealed, demonstrating applications that are feature rich and integrated with core functions of BlackBerry 10 and embracing the seamless flow that only BlackBerry 10 provides.