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Green tea whose leaves have been steamed to prevent oxidation, rolled, and then dried, typically producing a bright yellowish-green infusion.

[Japanese (literally, "decocted tea," since sencha is steeped in a teapot, unlike matcha, the form of tea more common in Japan until the 18th century, which is mixed with hot water in the bowl from which it is drunk) : sen, to simmer, decoct, steep (from Middle Chinese tsian, to fry in shallow oil, simmer) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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In addition to these, the group will introduce Yamatocha green tea from Nara prefecture like Sencha, Hojicha and sweet tea (non-sugar, non-calories sweet tea) which is cultivated and produced in Nara.
Sencha, of the first spring pick, short steaming and hand rolled, premium umami taste and silky mouthfeel, incredibly smooth; and
The Dilmah Silver Jubilee Gourmet will stock a range of premium Ceylon teas from Dilmah as well as offer different teas like Earl Grey, Organic Sencha, Blood Orange and Eucalyptus, and more.
The fragrance was inspired by sencha ariake, the 'smoothest of all fine Japanese sencha teas,' according to Majoullier.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 28, 2017-Idera Acquires Sencha to Integrate with Embarcadero Subsidiary
7 The new SENCHA COLLECTION by Groupe Lacasse Healthcare Furniture Solutions includes patient chairs and rockers, guest chairs, sleeper sofas, and freestanding tables.
Study design: We examined anti-stress effects of three types of green teas, theanine-rich "Gyokuro", standard "Sencha", and Sencha with lowered caffeine (low-caffeine green tea).
Sencha has partnered with Speedment, a provider of database acceleration software, to dramatically improve the performance of data-intensive web applications.
Tom Webb and Luci Cowie, the owners of Easy Teasy, are supplying the food hall at Fenwick with their range of fine loose leaf tea, which includes Peach Sencha Green Tea and Orange Blossom Oolong.
Sencha has debuted Sencha GXT 4, a comprehensive Java framework for building feature-rich web applications.
Summary: When you sit down at a sidewalk table of Gordon's Cafe in downtown Beirut on a balmy late September afternoon, you can sip your espresso or pot of Sencha (green tea) in the middle of the city, nestled between the restored historic Beirut Municipality building, and the nation's symbol-laden Martyr's Square, with a view of.