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A city of northeast Honshu, Japan, on an inlet of the Pacific Ocean north of Tokyo.


(Placename) a city in central Japan, on NE Honshu; severely damaged during the 2011 tsunami; university (1907). Pop: 1 001 387 (2007)



a city on NE Honshu, in central Japan. 967,000.
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Embassy Freight Services (Midlands), based in Sutton Coldfield, is preparing to air freight the special delivery to the children being cared for at Sendai Hospital, having lost all of their living relatives in the earthquake.
Dubai Japanese expatriates in Dubai have taken comfort from reading an American woman's blog, sent from earthquake-ravaged Sendai.
Around 100 UK evacuees, ranging from a four-month-old girl to a 61-year-old man, arrived in Tokyo yesterday after a 188-mile journey by bus convoy from the devastated northern coastal town of Sendai.
Asad said around 200 Pakistanis lived in Sendai, Iwate and Fukushima areas and a team from the Pakistan Embassy left for Sendai on Tuesday to assess the situation and welfare of Pakistanis.
Summary: SENDAI (Cihan) - Moments of horror when the tsunami following the biggest earthquake in Japan's modern history hit the city of Sendai were recorded on amateur camera.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 1, 2010--JCR keeps Sendai Bank's senior debts at BBB(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
SENDAI - A female candidate backed by a local chapter of the Democratic Party of Japan won Sunday's Sendai mayoral election, giving another boost to the main opposition party ahead of the Aug.
Ibaraki, Japan) has patented a recombinant Sendai virus vector for introducing exogenous genes to airway epithelia and a method for introducing exogenous genes using the vector.
The company conducted an Internet survey of 700 people in seven cities: Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka (100 people in each city), from June 9 to 10.
Internet mall operator Rakuten founded the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Sendai to fill the void left after the merger between the Orix BlueWave and Kintetsu Buffaloes late last year.
Further evidence of the paradigm shift is provided by Foster's Swiss Re (AR November 2003), Toyo Ito's Sendai Mediatheque (AR October 2001) and OMA's Seattle Library (AR August 2004) which, like Bilbao, straddle the boundary between the machine and digital ages, using standard rolled steel sections in variable structures.
A caved-in roof at an indoor pool in the coastal city of Sendai injured 14 people, national broadcaster NHK reported.