Sensitive paper

paper prepared for photographic purpose by being rendered sensitive to the effect of light.

See also: Sensitive

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You know the sun sensitive paper you just read about?
The test liquid was coated on the MHA medium followed by placement of drug sensitive paper discs on the medium.
Plus, thermally curing release coatings are not suitable for the growing thermal paper market, as the elevated temperatures of the curing process render the thermally sensitive paper unusable.
The standardized configuration features a web width of 13" (330mm) with printing speeds reaching 63 fpm (19 m/m) on various substrates, including pressure sensitive paper and film, unsupported paper and tag stocks.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) employees safety equipment, (b) computer continuous forms, (c) copying paper, (d) stationery & office requisites, (e) sensitive paper for the telefax machines, also (f) annual maintenance of the company's telephone exchanges.
One end of the can is cut off and the cylinder is lined with light sensitive paper.
Your corporate administrative offices, legal, HR and finance, deal with highly sensitive paper files that require special attention to retention and disposition.
The water sensitive paper was placed on the steps, labeled by position, and exposed to the normal 3-min spray sequence.
Then, a wand covered with chemically sensitive paper dips into your urine to measure levels of bodily substances, like the amount of sugar in your blood.
The Indian Government has also imposed a provisional anti-dumping duty on imports of thermal sensitive paper - used in fax machines - from Germany at around Rs6.
In 1888, George Eastman developed a light sensitive paper (later celluloid) strip on a roll that he called film.
This is a pressure sensitive paper label that dissolves in water.

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