a.1.Having sense or sensibility; sensitive.
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The urban management work of study will include the following tasks 1) Establishment of a comprehensive urban renewal project of the priority area;2) Realization of sectoral studies of pre-operational level in the following areas: End-of-Pavers, English Oak, Small Sensive, Boissiere;3) Monitoring of the sector construction projects during the study period;4) Consultation and citizen dialogue for the duration of the study.
A seven minute neurocognitive screening battery hightly sensive to Alzheimer's disease.
With its advanced design, the microscope photometer includes a sensive detector with an effective operating range from the ultraviolet to the visible and into the near infrared region.
Rexona, la marca lider a nivel mundial y en Mexico, en la categoria de desodorantes, anuncio el fortalecimiento de su estrategia de negocios al introducir en Mexico sus nuevas lineas de productos Rexona Deo Fresh y Rexona Sensive Neutral con los cuales espera crecer en 2 por ciento su actual participacion de mercado.