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Cov·en·try 1

A city of central England east-southeast of Birmingham. Famous as the home of Lady Godiva in the 11th century, Coventry was severely damaged in air raids during World War II (November 1940).

Cov·en·try 2

A state of ostracism or exile: "It's not that smoke-filled rooms are back; smokers huddle in Coventry these days" (Flora Lewis).

[After Coventry1England (possibly from the sending of Royalist prisoners there during the English Civil War).]


1. (Placename) a city in central England, in Coventry unitary authority, West Midlands: devastated in World War II; modern cathedral (1954–62); industrial centre, esp for motor vehicles; two universities (1965, 1992). Pop: 303 475 (2001)
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a unitary authority in central England, in West Midlands. Pop: 305 000 (2003 est). Area: 97 sq km (37 sq miles)
3. send to Coventry to ostracize or ignore


(ˈkʌv ən tri, ˈkɒv-)

a city in West Midlands, in central England. 337,000.
send to Coventry, to ostracize.
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Noun1.Coventry - the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent)Coventry - the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent); "the association should get rid of its elderly members--not by euthanasia, of course, but by Coventry"
exclusion - the state of being excluded
2.Coventry - an industrial city in central England; devastated by air raids during World War II; remembered as the home of Lady Godiva in the 11th century
England - a division of the United Kingdom


[ˈkɒvəntrɪ] N to send sb to Coventry (Brit) → hacer el vacío a algn


[ˈkɒvəntri] n
to send sb to Coventry (= ostracize) → mettre qn en quarantaine


n to send somebody to Coventry (Brit inf) → jdn schneiden (inf)


[ˈkɒvntrɪ] n to send sb to Coventry (fig) → dare l'ostracismo a qn
References in classic literature ?
You are the Hand they have sent to Coventry, I mean?
In fact, the solemn assembly, a levy of the School, had been held, at which the captain of the School had got up, and after premising that several instances had occurred of matters having been reported to the masters; that this was against public morality and School tradition; that a levy of the sixth had been held on the subject, and they had resolved that the practice must be stopped at once; and given out that any boy, in whatever form, who should thenceforth appeal to a master, without having first gone to some prepostor and laid the case before him, should be thrashed publicly, and sent to Coventry.
Sent to Coventry is yet to be taken on by a television network, but makers have held meetings with Channel 5 and Sky.
WOLVES boss Mick McCarthy today revealed it was his change of heart which pulled the plug on Freddy Eastwood being sent to Coventry.
Now I've been sent to Coventry because I refuse to join in their spiteful sniping.
WIDE boy Willo Flood is delighted he got sent to Coventry - because he can finally bin comparisons with England star Shaun Wright-Phillips.
GLASGOW TIGERS have been sent to Coventry - as they bid to become the best college side in Britain.
Being sent to Coventry has been a depressing experience for the Irish.
Mrs Edghill, who traded on the dollar money markets for the bank, said she was regularly tormented and sent to Coventry by the men on the desk where she worked.
CONTROVERSIAL reality show Sent to Coventry has prompted outrage among viewers who claim it badly misrepresents the city.
Under the plans Birmingham will lose one of its two hydraulic platforms (based at Ward End) and Bournbrook will lose one of its two engines, which will be sent to Coventry with cover provided by Highgate.
Sunderland winger Matt Piper could be sent to Coventry to prove he is finally over his injury problems.