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n. pl. Se·phar·dim (-dĭm)
A descendant of the Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal during the Middle Ages until persecution culminating in expulsion in 1492 forced them to leave.

[Medieval Hebrew səpāraddî, Spaniard, from səpārad, Spain, adoption of Hebrew səpārad, placename of disputed location (mentioned in Obadiah 20).]

Se·phar′dic (-dĭk) adj.
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n, pl -dim (-dɪm)
1. (Judaism)
a. a Jew of Spanish, Portuguese, or North African descent
b. (loosely) any Oriental Jew
2. (Judaism) the pronunciation of Hebrew used by these Jews, and of Modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel
3. (Judaism) (modifier) of or pertaining to the Sephardim, esp to their liturgy and ritual
4. (Judaism) (modifier) of or pertaining to the liturgy adopted by certain European, esp Chassidic, communities who believe it to be more authentic but nonetheless differing from the genuine Oriental liturgy
[C19: from Late Hebrew, from Hebrew sepharad a region mentioned in Obadiah 20, thought to have been Spain]
Seˈphardic adj
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(səˈfɑr di, -fɑrˈdi)

n., pl. -phar•dim (-ˈfɑr dɪm, -fɑrˈdim)
a Jew of Spanish or Portuguese origin or ancestry. Compare Ashkenazi.
[1850–55; < Modern Hebrew Səphāraddī < Hebrew Səphāradh (Biblical region assumed to be Spain)]
Se•phar′dic, adj.
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Noun1.Sephardi - a Jew who is of Spanish or Portuguese or North African descent
Jew, Hebrew, Israelite - a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
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[seˈfɑːdɪ] N (Sephardim (pl)) [seˈfɑːdɪm]sefardí mf, sefardita mf
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The Foreigners and Borders Service told Publico the increase owed primarily to the law about descendants of Sephardi Jews passed in 2015.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a well-renowned rabbi for Sephardi Jews and a Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1973 to 1983,&nbsp;once denounced "homosexuals [as]&nbsp;completely evil." However, his grandson, Ovadia Cohen, who was raised in his grandfather's house, is openly gay and is about to wed his boyfriend in a ceremony led by a gay Orthodox woman.
Rooted in the shetls of Eastern Europe, the Chabad movement is led by Ashkenazi Jews, whose clothing, language and general outlook are traditionally very different from those of the Sephardi Jews of Bukhara, who generally see Muslims as friends, not foes, and, instead of Yiddish, have their own language called Bukhori, a mix of Persian and Hebrew with a smattering of Russian and Uzbek.
Brodsky's book Sepbardi, Jewish, Argentine: Community and National Identity, 1880-1960, a complex picture emerges of both cohesiveness and disjuncture as Sephardi Jews constructed their public Jewishness and evolved from being at the margins of society to leaders of the entire Jewish community.
Among Sephardi Jews, especially in Mediterranean countries, "Las Frutus," the holiday of the fruit, gained special prominence with elaborate meals featuring the seven species of food associated in the Torah with the Land of Israel: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.
Complicity with white supremacy is also evident within Israeli society, which privileges white-skinned Ashkenazi Jews at the expense of dark-skinned Sephardi Jews.
Moreover, within her analysis of Jewish culture and literature, Mann also exhibits a pluralist orientation, engaging with Levantine and Mizrahi texts and making the claim that the experience of diaspora holds fundamentally different meanings for Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, and Sephardi Jews.
People of diverse national and ethnic origins, including Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews, lived in Villa Crespo.
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EDyRNE (CyHAN)- Attending the newly restored synagogue, hundreds of Jewish people flocked into western Turkish province of Edirne on Thursday to visit ancient graves of their ancestors of Sephardi Jews who have settled in Anatolian lands in 15th century after being banished from Spain and Portugal.
And then, to complete the story of the Ambassador honored to celebrate a wonderful event at an even more exceptional date, right out of the music of maestro Shuplevski sprung notes from the Sepharad culture inbred in ours, brought by the Sephardi Jews with nostalgia from Cordoba and elsewhere in the then Kingdom of Castilla and Aragon.
SEVILLE, Spain - Descendants of Muslims exiled from Spain in the 17th century have decried the granting of citizenship to descendants of exiled Jews as racist, a spokesman said.Spain's Justice Ministry recently extended citizenship to those who could prove familial relationships to Sephardi Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492, but withheld a similar grant to descendants of Moriscos, Spanish Muslims who converted to Christianity but were expelled to North Africa in 1609.