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a.1.Of or pertaining to sepia; done in sepia; as, a sepic drawing.
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The little difference in the percentage of time spent in single leg support between the 'on' and 'off' phase for participants with PD and aged matched healthy controls may be because during the natural ageing process step height reduces and double support time increases to compensate for instability (Murray, Sepic, Gardner & Downs, 1978).
Pankas J, Sepic T, Pitlovic V, Rosso M, Starcevic R.
In this paper SEPIC converter that is shown in fig.
The device also supports multiple topology configurations, including boost, flyback, SEPIC, and multi-phase.
Dettmann MA, Linder MT, and Sepic SB: Relationships among walking performance, postural stability, and functional assessments of the hemiplegic patients.
Croatia native Georgia Sepic doesn't need a Social Security card or credit report to put her mind at ease about refugees' ability to be high-quality residents.
This device expands Micrel's MIC2601/2 and MIC2605/6 family of boost regulators and targets applications such as Digital TV-tuners, optical networking equipment, LCD bias supplies, SEPIC converters and positive output regulators.
The LM3424 drives up to 18 high-brightness LEDs in series with output current above 2A in a typical application and contains all of the features to regulate currents based on buck, boost, SEPIC, flyback and buck-boost topologies.
5V to 40V, the PAM2842 is a versatile LED Driver that supports Boost, Buck, Buck- Boost, and SEPIC topology.