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Noun1.Sepiidae - true cuttlefishes
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
Decapoda, order Decapoda - squids and cuttlefishes
genus Sepia, Sepia - type genus of the Sepiidae
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In fact, the last time shells of Sepia from the KwaZulu-Natal Museum were examined for taxonomic purposes was in 1968 when Roeleveld received five shells of Sepia incerta Smith, 1916 (not from the type series) on loan for her publication on Sepiidae of Southern Africa (Roeleveld 1972: 214, pl.
La arquitectura de los tubulos seminiferos de Octopus mimus es identica a la descrita para algunas especies de la familia Loliginidae, Sepiidae y Octopodidae (Budelman, et al.), lo cual ratifica que el patron de organizacion tubular del testiculo es un atributo que se ha conservado durante la evolucion de los cefalopodos.
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