Septuagesima Sunday

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Noun1.Septuagesima Sunday - the 3rd Sunday before Lent (or the 9th before Easter)
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
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Whereas the later Esztergom books include the antiphons for the ceremony of taking leave of the Alleluia on the Saturday before Septuagesima Sunday (the Alleluia not being sung during Lent), this breviary lacks them.
(42) The Alleluia (not only the specific chant sung in Mass before the reading of the Gospel but the word itself which was included in several types of chants) was suspended from liturgical use in the Middle Ages during the penitential season from Septuagesima Sunday until the Easter vigil.
I am reminded of that great Septuagesima Sunday in 1965 when, after at least a thousand years, the altars in most U.S.