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n. Mythology
An ancient Egyptian god of the underworld who combined characteristics of Osiris and Apis and was also worshiped in ancient Greece and Rome.

[Latin Sarāpis, Serāpis, from Greek Sarāpis, from Egyptian wsrj-ḥp : wsrj, Osiris; see Osiris + ḥp, Apis.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) a Graeco-Egyptian god combining attributes of Apis and Osiris


or Sa•ra•pis

(səˈreɪ pɪs)

a deity of Ptolemaic Egypt, later worshiped throughout the Greco-Roman world.
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My friend, Private Mulvaney, who went home in the Serapis, time-expired, not very long ago, has come back to India as a civilian!
Nero's Baths, the ruins of Baiae, the Temple of Serapis; Cumae, where the Cumaen Sybil interpreted the oracles, the Lake Agnano, with its ancient submerged city still visible far down in its depths--these and a hundred other points of interest we examined with critical imbecility, but the Grotto of the Dog claimed our chief attention, because we had heard and read so much about it.
Not BABILON, Nor great ALCAIRO such magnificence Equal'd in all thir glories, to inshrine BELUS or SERAPIS thir Gods, or seat Thir Kings, when AEGYPT with ASSYRIA strove In wealth and luxurie.
Rear Admiral John Roberts, 95, from Whitstable, was serving as a sub lieutenant on HMS Serapis on D-Day.
Caption: E Serapis or Herakles, Bagram (Room 13), 1st century AD.
In 1828, the geologist Charles Lyell found himself in front of the Temple of Serapis, a Roman ruin on the northern shores of the Gulf of Naples.
Among the findings was a golden coin to pay for the journey to an afterlife and an iron ring with a seal that depicted the Greek god Serapis sitting on a throne, Cerberus -- a three-headed mythical dog that guards the gates of Ades -- beside him.
The oasis unearths a lot of archeological sites, like Temple of Dush, which is dedicated to Isis and Serapis, and Temple of Hibis, which is located in Palm Grove.
He explained, in a statement to TAP, that this agreement signed between the bank and the investment fund Al Rajhi (Arab Gulf) and the companies SERAPIS (Sultanate of Oman) and Royal Blue Bay (Spain) will provide advice and scientific studies so that companies in difficulty resume their activity, through the provision of new capital or the establishment of a contract with a management company.
Synopsis: Alexandria, Egypt / AD 391 - When the great temple of Serapis and its library annex are destroyed by the Christian mob, the Neoplatonist philosopher Hypatia becomes concerned the Great Library might suffer the same fate.