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1. The closely related South Slavic languages of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia when considered as a single language.
2. A native speaker of Serbo-Croatian.

Ser′bo-Cro·a′tian adj.
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(ˌsɜr boʊ kroʊˈeɪ ʃən, -ʃi ən)

a family of South Slavic dialects of which Croatian and Serbian are the most widely spoken.
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Noun1.Serbo-Croatian - the Slavic language of the Serbs and Croats; the Serbian dialect is usually written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the Croatian dialect is usually written in the Roman alphabet
Slavic, Slavic language, Slavonic, Slavonic language - a branch of the Indo-European family of languages
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n the Serbo-Croatians
pldie Serben und Kroaten
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In the same way, you could argue that laureate is a perfect rhyme with the Nepalese word gloreat, which describes an unwanted build-up of mucus in a nose flute, and czhoreat which is Serbo-Croatian for antidisestablishmentarianism.
Al Harthi, who has written two other novels, two short-story collections and a children's book, and has been translated into languages including German, Italian, Korean and Serbo-Croatian, said she hoped Celestial Bodies would help "international readers discover that Oman has an active and talented writing community who live and work for their art".
At one time, such books were tools of resistance: In 1998, when Petrit Halilaj, age twelve, fled Kosovo to take refuge in Albania, the Serbian government was forcing people to speak Serbo-Croatian and forbidding them to learn Albanian.
from the University of Washington and speaks Spanish, French and some Serbo-Croatian and Russian.
The Night of the Iguana has been adapted into two films, one which won an Academy Award in 1964 and a Serbo-Croatian production in 2000.
citizen to become the first lady of the United States, she speaks a number of languages, including English, French, Italian Serbo-Croatian and her native language, Slovene.
'Mucke' is the Serbo-Croatian name for which UK TV series?
As a college student, Trubnikov aspired to join the KGB, studying Spanish and Serbo-Croatian to help his chances.
Trump speaks English, French, Italian, German, Serbo-Croatian and Slovene).
The breakup of Yugoslavia meant not only the transition to a capitalist culture but also a severing of ties among the former republics that at times bordered on the absurd, as new dictionaries were created for each republic's "language"--no longer known as Serbo-Croatian but as Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (and sometimes Montenegrin).