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Noun1.Serer - a West African language closely related to Fula; spoken primarily in Senegal and Gambia
West African - a group of languages spoken in the extreme western part of West Africa
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Barriers of tradition, social stratification and culture: the oppression of Sereer women in Senegal.
These included activities seen as menial or involving obvious physical effort: for example, carrying things on the head, carrying heavy loads, carrying coal, pushing carts of bread or barrows of oranges, lifting bags of onions, rice or potatoes, working as a dock worker (seen as the job of the Susu), working in the fields, dealing with dirt such as working as a housemaid (seen as the job of Sereer women) or unblocking sewage, and selling water or coconuts in the street.
Around 1975, President Senghor decided to create a second troupe within the National Theatre: Sirabadral, named after a fourteenth-century Sereer princess from Senghor's region of birth.
The situation of Sereer women is defined with much ambiguity; they belong to their clan and lineage of origin as long as they remain unmarried.
In thus analysis, we will manage to define the structural position of women in the Sereer community to see how the natures of the lineage and clan system constitute obstacles to the release of women and their ability to change their status.
Without pretending to standardize the female identity among the Sereers communities, we strive to situate the place that Sereer Siin (1) society in Senegal offers to women.