Sergei Diaghilev

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Noun1.Sergei Diaghilev - Russian ballet impresario who founded the Russian ballet and later introduced it to the West (1872-1929)
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The title of the final volume is a reference both to Prokofiev's final ballet for Sergey Diaghilev, L'enfant prodigue (1929), and to the itinerant composer's increased contact with his radically-changed homeland (which culminated in his 1936 repatriation).
As part of a triple bill of works by Igor Stravinsky, postmodern choreographer Doug Varone will premiere his new production of Le Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring), first staged in 1913 by gay impresario Sergey Diaghilev and choreographed by bisexual dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.
The Ballets Russes phenomenon had its beginnings in 1909 when the impresario Sergey Diaghilev brought a company of ballet artists from the Maryinsky Theatre in St.