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(Portuguese serˈʒipi)
(Placename) a state of NE Brazil: the smallest Brazilian state; a centre of resistance to Dutch conquest (17th century). Capital: Aracajú. Pop: 1 846 039 (2002). Area: 13 672 sq km (8492 sq miles)


(sərˈʒi pə)

a state in NE Brazil. 1,617,368; 8490 sq. mi. (21,990 sq. km). Cap.: Aracajú.
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vinhai (Bokermann, 1975 "1974"), with records only for southern Bahia State and eastern Sergipe State (Silvano and Pimenta, 2003; Junca, 2006; Morato et al.
A menor quantidade de internacoes ocorreu em Sergipe, em que foram notificados 151 procedimentos, o equivalente a 2% do total registrado para a Regiao Nordeste no periodo analisado.
The objective of this article is to identify the factors that can lead to disarticulation among the participants in the LPA formed by small clothing manufacturers in the city of Tobias Barreto, Sergipe.
The Brazilian state of Sergipe has 23 acknowledged maroon communities (Portuguese quilombolas), distributed homogeneously on its territory (SANTOS, 2006).
Rafael e Rodrigo fazem ambos parte do Viva Vox, grupo de pesquisa da Universidade Federal de Sergipe que conta com a maior biblioteca especializada em filosofia helenista da America Latina, biblioteca que vem se constituindo com o apoio de sucessivos editais do CNPq.
With more than 600 employees, the company sells its products in the states of Pernambuco, Bahia, Paraiba, Alagoas, Sergipe, Piaui, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceara.
With more than 600 employees, the company sells its products in the states of Pernambuco, Bahia, ParaA-ba, Alagoas, Sergipe, PiauA-, Rio Grande do Norte and CearA .
The following sections resume studies on the process of palatalization of alveolar stops following palatal glide, with attention to linguistic varieties of the surroundings of the community under analysis (regions of the States of Bahia, Sergipe, and Alagoas); community and the procedures for data collection are described.
The survey was conducted in the neurosurgical intensive care unit of a philanthropic hospital in Sergipe, Brazil.
NYSE: LVLT) said it has announced an agreement in which its virtual hosting, colocation and redundancy services will support Fototica's business operations in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo, Bahia, Pernambuco and Sergipe.
NNA - Inmates in a prison in the northeastern Brazilian state of Sergipe took 122 hostages on Saturday - nearly all of them visiting inmate relatives, a prison official told Agence France Presse.