Series motor

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1.(Elec.) A series-wound motor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The MAR Series motor auto-start relay targets these intermittent power outages and overrides motor switches to keep highly valuable refinery production processes running while reducing O&M inspections.
Police say the 3 series motor was driven off by suspects on Sunday night, after 9pm.
Among the experiments, are a load test of a direct-current series motor, a back-to-back test on two identical transformers (the Sumpnor Test), to measure the iron loss at different flux densities with a Lloyd Fisher magnetic square, to plot magnetization characteristics and load characteristics of metadyne generators, and calibrating a wattmeter and ammeter by Crompton's potentiometer.
the the Blue from EasyAquatak 120 pressure washer This tiny package blasts out 120 bar of cleaning power from a 1500 watt Bosch series motor to shift ANY dirt.
According to Case, its B Series motor graders are becoming increasingly successful in the region for their ability to deliver high productivity in all environments.
Sarkar, "Study of speed control of DC series motor using DC chopper," International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, vol.
Space-fundamental air-gap magnetomotive force (MMF) distribution [F.sub.ag1] for the series motor windings connection (Fig.
They drove off in a white BMW 1 Series motor, registration SM14 WPF.
The first, about the Merthyr Tydfil incident, said: "At approximately 12.10pm at the A470 Merthyr Tydfil, northbound at Llwyn Onn, a fatal road traffic collision occurred between a white BMW 1 series motor vehicle and a red Yamaha R6 motorcycle which were both travelling north.
This high speed stepper motor can deliver a boosted torque of 0.7 Nm with inertia as low as 17E-7 Kgm2.The closed loop P760 series motor offers dynamic performance to meet challenging applications where rapid changes in acceleration and direction of rotation are required in the shortest possible time.
The engine is the tried and tested and the fuel efficient K- series motor and the manual transmission is good.
Paul Armstrong and Craig Tombs had only been back on the streets for three months when they were caught taking the BMW 5 Series motor from outside a house in Solihull on the night of April 4.