a.1.Having a mixture of seriousness and sport; serious and comical.
References in classic literature ?
His honest face, as he looked at me with a serio-comic shake of his head, impresses me more in the remembrance than it did in the reality, for I was by this time in a state of such excessive trepidation and wandering of mind, as to be quite unable to fix my attention on anything.
The hunters now advanced, upon which the bears turned, rose again upon their haunches, and repeated their serio-comic examination.
After a serio-comic grumble, "that life wasn't worth having, now they were tied to a young beggar who was always 'raising his standard;' and that he, East, was like a prophet's donkey, who was obliged to struggle on after the donkey-man who went after the prophet; that he had none of the pleasure of starting the new crotchets, and didn't half understand them, but had to take the kicks and carry the luggage as if he had all the fun," he threw his legs up on to the sofa, and put his hands behind his head, and said, -
Made in 1990, the film is a rambling, serio-comic tale of a disintegrating marriage told through the eyes of a middle-class Iranian called Hamid Hamoun.
LOS ANGELES -- The pre-pre-season opening kickoff of the 2014 National Football League schedule is returned for a score in ''Draft Day,'' an entirely conventional serio-comic sports world melodrama that pushes its buttons with undeniable professional finesse.
Flanagan used self-torture in his serio-comic acts on film and video.
And, perhaps, even in those days those china statuettes of rotund old gentlemen with their serio-comic faces looked down from their lofty pinnacles on the mere mortals who quaffed their ale down below.
And, yes, we understand that what you have written here is a serio-comic fable, akin to Art Spiegelman's Mans without the pictures.
Mr Nice (18) Rhys Ifans in serio-comic biopic of drug dealer turned stand-up Howard Marks.
Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) - Including post-screening Q&A with Anjelica Huston and Martin Landau -- Woody Allen's serio-comic look at the guilty conscience stars Martin Landau as a successful eye doctor who becomes heavily involved with a flight attendant, played by Anjelica Huston.
Thus the satyr play should be regarded as a serio-comic form, because in spite of the ridiculing generic conventions, it affirms tragedy's normative, determinative world-order.
And the serio-comic "Sunshine," about two cash-strapped sisters who prosper with an icky crime-scene mop-up business, was sold as a darkly tinged, but light nonetheless, romp.