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The main developments and features of moulders today have to do with the controllers, tool locking features and affordability," said Tim Sermonet, sales manager at SCM Group North America, Advanced Machinery Division.
Quicker and easier tool changes on the machines are also a must, noted Sermonet, McNeilly and Carter.
The demand for this type of technology is not limited to just the larger companies," Sermonet said.
Tim Sermonet, product manager for edgebander sales at SCM, also makes note of the trend toward increased capabilities of smaller machines.
Customers want to accomplish more with a specific unit, such as a super finish or corner rounding unit that can perform two to four different finishes with a multi-profile tool, all from the touch of a button or the control screen," says Sermonet.
Users can go automatically from one material to the next, saving the operator timely adjustments," Sermonet adds.
The days of people running 5,000 lineal feet of PVC edgebanding are few and far between," observes Tim Sermonet, national sales manager of edgebanders for SGM Group USA of Duluth, GA.
The digital age has proved to be a godsend for edgebanding operators in helping reduce setup for a programmed part to mere minutes, according to Sermonet, Hannigan and others interviewed for this article.
Tim Sermonet has been promoted to business manager -- Edgebander Division.
These moulders are used by companies like Georgia-Pacific and flooring companies who need a full profiling machine which can produce up to 35,000 feet of moulding in a seven-hour shift," said Tim Sermonet, moulder sales engineer with SCMI.
These high-speed machines do have some drawbacks, according to Sermonet.