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Noun1.Serranus - type genus of the Serranidae: mostly small Pacific sea basses
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Serranidae, Serranidae - marine fishes: sea basses; sea perches; groupers; jewfish
belted sandfish, Serranus subligarius - found in warm shallow waters of western Atlantic
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dominicanus), gaviota andina (Chroicocephalus serranus (Tschudi, 1844)); el pelicano pardo (Pelecanus occidentalis Linnaeus, 1766), el cormoran guanay (Leucocarbo bougainvillii (Lesson, 1837)) y en el cormoran neotropical (Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Gmelin, 1789)) (Sarmiento et al.
Histo-cytological study of the liver of the cabrilla sea bass, Serranus cabrilla (Teleostei, Serranidae), an available model for marine fish experimental studies.
But no matter: he could without difficulty have read Plato in Latin, if not in Marsilio Ficino's translation of 1484, copies of which were everywhere by 1624, then in the 1561 translation by Janus Cornarius, or in the superior translation by Jean de Serres (Serranus) in Henri Estienne's famous 1578 "Vulgate" edition of Plato.
FAMILIA Scombridae 79 Euthynnus lineatus FAMILIA Scorpaenidae 80 Scorpaena mystes FAMILIA Serranidae 81 Alphestes immaculatus 82 Alphestes multiguttatus 83 Cephalopholis panamensis 84 Epinephelus labriformis 85 Paranthias colonus 86 Rypticus nigripinnis 87 Serranus psittacinus FAMILIA Sparidae 88 Calamus brachysomus FAMILIA Synodonthidae 89 Synodus lacertinus FAMILIA Tetraodontidae 90 Arothron hispidus 91 Arothron meleagris 92 Canthigaster punctatissima 93 Sphoeroides lobatus FAMILIA Zanclidae 94 Zanclus cornutus
0.50 3.65 2.34 Bodianus pulchellus 0.43 0.38 1.14 Chromis cyanea 1.81 0.68 0.17 Chaetodon sedentarius 0.35 0.73 0.71 Equetus lanceolatus 0.00 0.24 1.97 Centropyge argi 0.28 0.57 0.17 Canthigaster rostrata 0.08 0.03 1.29 Epinephelus morio# 0.38 0.49 0.46 Holacanthus tricolor 0.38 0.16 0.26 Serranus tortugarum 0.06 0.03 0.00 Mycteroperca phenax# 0.44 0.05 0.23 Sparisoma atomarium 0.13 0.00 0.49 Liopropoma eukrines 0.03 0.19 0.23 Holacanthus bermudensis 0.19 0.11 0.31 Chaetodon ocellatus 0.00 0.11 0.23 Stegastes partitus 0.06 0.14 0.00 Pronotogrammus martinicensis 0.00 0.16 0.26 Apogon pseudomaculatus 0.00 0.14 0.20 Halichoeres spp.
Sagittal otolith shape used in the identification of fishes of the genus Serranus. Fish.
Surely relevant here also, as Stanley Wells points out, is the proverbial lore that "a fool's brains were in his heels." (10) Dent on this proverb cites "John Serranus" (Jean de Serres), a French theologian, on Ecclesiastes 2:14; "For the eyes of a wise man are in his head, but the foole walketh in darknes" (Geneva), itself an urgently relevant verse for the play.
Serranus erythrogaster = Epinephelus mono (Valenciennes): Red Grouper; p.
The fish that Mark caught is a belted sand fish, Serranus subligarius, one of the 'dwarf sea basses.' This species only reaches a maximum length of around four inches."