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Noun1.Serranus - type genus of the Serranidae: mostly small Pacific sea basses
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Serranidae, Serranidae - marine fishes: sea basses; sea perches; groupers; jewfish
belted sandfish, Serranus subligarius - found in warm shallow waters of western Atlantic
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Sagittal otolith shape used in the identification of fishes of the genus Serranus.
Similarly, the mean planktonic larval duration of some serranid fishes of the genera Paralabrax, Epinephelus, and Serranus, for example, ranges between 18 and 33 days (McClean, 1999; Macpherson and Raventos, 2006; Allen and Block, 2012), and 3 species of Paralabrax settle to the bottom as larvae between 9.
Serranus contrasts the ocular perspicacity of the wise man with the fool who:
Serranus erythrogaster = Epinephelus mono (Valenciennes): Red Grouper; p.
The fish that Mark caught is a belted sand fish, Serranus subligarius, one of the 'dwarf sea basses.
TURDIDAE 108 Myadestes ralloides [C] X - X 109 Catharus fuscater (opertaneus) #; [C] - - - 110 Turdus fuscater X X X 111 77 serranus - - - XXXIII.
officinalis was observed in natural habitats to swim toward the surface when approached by the serranid Serranus cabrilla.
Histocitological study of the live of the cabrilla sea bass, Serranus cabrilla (Teleostei, Serranidae), an avaible model for marine fish experimental studies.
In other study such as Sciaena umbra [34], Sparus auratus, Trigla cuculus, Sardina pilchardus, Mugil cephalus, Atherina hepsetus, Scomberesox saurus [6], Serranus scriba, Epinephelus costae, Cephalopholis nigri and Pseudupenaeus prayensis [28] concentrations of Zn in liver was higher than muscle.