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n.1.A notching, like that between the teeth of a saw, in the edge of anything.
2.One of the teeth in a serrated edge; a serration.
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Can we consider the sting of the wasp or of the bee as perfect, which, when used against many attacking animals, cannot be withdrawn, owing to the backward serratures, and so inevitably causes the death of the insect by tearing out its viscera?
Most of delegation is composed by manufacturers operating in the interior design sector and building automation (Razzetti Errepi, Rizzi, Emmevi Rubinetterie, Ferrerolegno, Future Leather, Stv serrature, Ihba).
Paola Tagliapietra, General Manager of STV Serrature, said that she has been able to contact several clients through this exhibition, and expects to deal with a number of Qatari companies soon.