n.1.(Zool.) The red-breasted merganser.
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Elliptic###4###Leaf serrula form###Color of the flower###Pubescence extends about###2###Introse###3
If you have room, consider Prunus Serrula, eventually growing 10 x 10m, its coppery-glowing, peeling bark gives way to a shiny stem.
Solo tres especies tuvieron tamano muy grande: Acleisanthes longiflora (lamina VII, 13-14), Oenothera serrula (lamina VII, 23-24) y Oenothera gracilis (lamina VIII, 1-2).
More common is Prunus Serrula with polished new bark, a deep red-brown.
Hoplunnis pacifica 1 0,17 1 0,07 Monolene assaedae Ophichthidae Peces no 7 2,43 6 0,49 identificados Polydactylus approximans Pontinus sierra 1 1,94 1 0,07 Porichthys margaritatus Pristigenys serrula Scorpaena russula Scorpena sp.
The maxillary serrula (toothed keel) is absent, the posterior lateral spinnerets are shorter than the abdomen and an unpaired claw on the tarsi is absent.
Chelicera with number of setae of the hand, galea and number of plates in the serrula exterior as described by Hoff (1964), rallum composed of 3 blades, the most distal blade serrate; movable finger with subapical lobe long and curved.
Tesslinia Pasteels, 1951 afra (Enslin, 1913) Trisodontophyes Enslin, 1911 aethiopica Koch, 2001 angustata Enslin, 1913 antennata Koch, 2001 ater (Konow, 1907) diversa Koch, 2001 funebris Pasteels, 1949 inaequalis Koch, 2001 malaisei (Forsius, 1932) montana Koch, 2001 nigroflava Enslin, 1911 robertibuyssoni (Schulz, 1906) robusta Forsius, 1930 schoutedeni Forsius, 1934 semisplendens Koch, 2001 serrula Koch, 2001 singularis Koch, 2001 splendens Koch, 2001 tibialis Enslin, 1913 triplicata Forsius, 1934 tristis Forsius, 1934 ugandae Koch, 2001
X PRIACANTHIDAE Pristigenys serrula X APOGONIDAE Apogon retrosella X CARANGIDAE Carangidae spp.
The beauty of bark can really be appreciated in winter, from the alabaster white bark of betula utilis var jacquemontii (birch) to the gleaming coppery red of prunus serrula (cherry).