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n.1.Serfage; slavery; servitude.
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Servage (2013) found that northern Canadian teachers were overloaded, working 50-55 hours a week on average, and that such excessive work hours and challenging working conditions contributed to decreased mental health, stress, and burnout for teachers.
Cae1/4aoest surtout en direction de cette catUu[c]gorie de fumeur quae1/4aoune stratUu[c]gie nationale de servage tabagique a Uu[c]tUu[c] mise en UN"uvre en 2015Uo[beaucoup plus grand que], indique-t-elle.
118, sonnet 3 ([beaucoup moins que] Ce pendant que tu vois [beaucoup plus grand que]) : [beaucoup moins que] Une fille d'Anjou me detient en servage, / A laquelle baisant maintenant le tetin, / Et maintenant les yeus endormis au matin, / Je vy (comme Ion dit) trop plus heureus que sage [beaucoup plus grand que] ; cf.
I me rejoysed of my liberte, That seelde tyme is founde in mariage; Ther I was free, I moot been in servage. *bondage "But nathelees I se youre trewe entente, *purpose And truste upon youre wit, and have doon ay; Wherfore of my free wyl I wole assente To wedde me, as soone as evere I may.
For the purposes of this research, the term e-learning has been used exclusively and is defined as "instructional content or learning experiences delivered or enabled by electronic technology" (Servage, 2005:306).
This line of reasoning has characterized human capital theories (see Becker 1993), where human capital consists of knowledge and skills often acquired through formal education and deemed necessary in today's knowledge-based economy (see Lamb and Sutherland 2010; Riddell 2008; Servage 2009).
It is conceded, however, that beginning teachers do not come from a position of strength in terms of influencing policy and practice of their schools (e.g., Ingersoll & Strong, 2011; Pietsch & Williamson, 2010; Servage, 2008).
Si le mois du Ramadan est une occasion pour arreter de fumer, ce n'est pas pour autant une garantie pour un servage reussi nous explique dans cet entretien El Hassan El Baghdadi, president de l'association Marocaine de Lutte Contre le Tabagisme et Drogues.
The main beliefs of PLC are, as Servage (2008) described, (1) professional development is crucial to improve student learning; (2) most effective professional development is possible through collaborative and collegial practice; and (3) collaborative work needs to involve inquiry and problem solving in daily teaching practices' contexts.
Rougis ingrat amant qui dedans mon servage, Joignis ton avarice a ton peu de courage, Qui pour me secourir parus si negligent, Et pour me racheter epargnas ton argent.