Service pipe

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a pipe connecting mains with a dwelling, as in gas pipes, and the like.

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Piping and Drumming Success Calderhead pupils Caitlyn, Douglas and Ryley, who play with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Pipe Band, celebrated success as the band won first place in the Dunbar Pipe Band contest.
To learn more about the voluntary lead water service pipe replacement program, visit
"We worked to isolate the gas service pipe supplying the affected property and an adjacent home.
"We have identified the source of the leak, which is on the service pipe at the hairdresser's shop.
It is often under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters the building.
The latest product release from Steve Vick International is a toolkit designed for the garden-to-meter insertion of a new 17.5mm (0.68 inch) SDR 9.7 PE service pipe introduced by Radius Systems.
The West Midlands Police and Fire Service pipe and wind bands will perform in a St Andrew's Celebration evening at Warwickshire County Cricket Ground, in Edgbaston, on Saturday from 7.15pm.
The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Pipe Band performs across the country - but none of them is a firefighter.
has released the Optimain DS Service Pipe Integrity Program (SPIP) software module for gas utilities to help them manage risk and support decision-making.
In June 2003, BBC Wales revealed a man who bought a Paddle house was hit with a pounds 1389.55p water bill - after Paddle had tapped his private service pipe.
A spokeswoman for Transco said: "Although there is very low gas pressure on mains to houses, starting a fire next to a service pipe is a ridiculously silly thing to do.
During 1998-2000, the percentage of BLLs [greater than or equal to] 10 [micro]g/dL and [greater than or equal to] 5 [micro]g/dL decreased substantially, regardless of the type of service pipe (Figure).

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