Sesamoid bones

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(Anat.) small bones or cartilages formed in tendons, like the patella and pisiform in man.

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When a horse is at full stretch, the fetlock can extend to the point where the sesamoid bones make contact with the ground.
Carter, "Coincident development of sesamoid bones and clues to their evolution," The Anatomical Record, vol.
Lateral deviation of sesamoid bones is also a typical pathological alteration in hallux valgus.
Transverse scans performed at the proximal sesamoid bones level showed a low volume of CM in the synovial cavity, whereas, in the pastern region, the distal DFTS pouch and synovial folds were clearly identified, because there was adequate distension by CM.
The development and evolution of sesamoid bones depends on close interaction of intrinsic genetic factors and extrinsic epigenetic stimuli like local mechanical stress and musculature.
It's a minor problem that occasionally happens when you bang one or two sesamoid bones beneath the big toe joint.
The sesamoid bones lie embedded in the plantar aspect of the flexor hallucis brevis tendon.
He suggested that these represented preexisting sesamoid bones [26].
All measurements without considering the sesamoid bones were automatically calculated by this program.
But others, such as the spiral shaft fracture of the fifth metatarsal (dancer's fracture) and stress injury of the sesamoid bones ha the foot, occur mainly or exclusively ha this population.