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n.1.(Bot.) A leguminous shrub (Sesbania aculeata) which furnishes a fiber used for making ropes.
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The National Company for Coal and Sesban Wood Production started to implement the first-of-its-kind plant to produce coal and wood in the industrial zone of Hodeidah governorate worth $5 million.
These include Hagenia abyssinica, Urera hypselodendron, Vernonia myriantha, Lepidotrichilia volkensii, Euphorbia candelbrum, Maytenus gracilipes, Croton macrostachyus, Erythrina brucei, Agarista salicifolia, Solanum incanum, Polysphaeria parvifolia, Sesbania sesban, Myrsine melanophloeos, Asparagus africanus, Pittosporum viridiflorum, Myrsine africana, and Hypericum revolutum.
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On top of this, backyard forage development with sesbania (Sesbania sesban), elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), and other forage trees will be implemented.
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In Kenya, some tribes grow neem (Azadirachta indica) and or other plants they consider to have repellence property such as Euphorbia balsamifera, Sesbania sesban, and Cissus purpurea near animal housing for the purpose of repelling ticks [67].
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