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Clinton, Sesshu Foster, and Naomi Quinonez (West End, 1989); Many Californias: Literature from the Golden State, edited by Gerald W.
The Japanese design concepts of Framing the View and Borrowed Scenery have been employed by the old garden master Sesshu and modern re-constructor Shigemori to utmost perfection.
Taking his influence from the scroll paintings of Sesshu Toyo (1420-1506)--a Rinzai priest who traveled from Japan to China where he studied Northern Song and Ming Dynasty paintings--McLaughlin sought an alternative to Western painting.
One piece that made a strong impression on him is the Haboku landscape by Japanese painter Sesshu (1420-1506), that Reijnders saw when still a student.
KEATS, DIRAC, DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE, and Dogen, know some of that and Sesshu hurled it out in a splash of ink.
Finally, but not an also-ran, is Sesshu Foster's Atomik Aztex, which takes us into a parallel universe where the Aztecs beat Cortez and now more or less rule the world, draining Europe of captives for their sacrificial rituals.
Table I ANALOG DIGITAL Qualitative Quantitative Atoms Bits Pathos Logos Dial Phone "Touch Tone" Phone Fax Email Vinyl Records CDs Subway Token Metrocard Marijuana Cocaine Harley Kawasaki Elevator Stairs Rolodex Database Right Brain Left Brain Tuning Knobs Buttons Gears Switches Later Wittgenstein Early Wittgenstein Table II ANALOG DIGITAL Opera Kabuki Violin Kato Wrestling Karate Rembrandt Sesshu European Chinese architecture architecture Rome/Paris Tokyo/Seoul Diagonal/Curve Horizontal/Vertical (right angle) Newtonian mechanics Quantum physics Socrates/Plato Lao Tzu/Confucius Ideal Actual Equality Hierarchy Friction Tension Force Equilibrium
A landscape painting by Sesshu Toyo, a noted Japanese artist of the 15th century, has been found preserved at an art museum in the United States, a Tokyo National Museum researcher said Tuesday.
This list comprises a mere ten of dozens and dozens of poets much more accomplished and challenging than are Sandra Cisneros or Sesshu Foster.
Ethelbert Miller, Amiri Baraka, Allen Ginsberg, Michelle Clinton, Sesshu Foster, receive tips of her (velvet, feathered) hat, as do Blake, Brecht, Elinor Wylie, Vallejo and the too-often overlooked Henri Coulette.