Sessions of the peace

sittings held by justices of the peace.

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On reaching the highway they separated, the sheriff to summon twenty- four “good men and true,” to attend as thc inquest of the county, on the succeeding Monday, when Marmaduke held his stated court of “common pleas and general sessions of the peace,” and the Judge to return, musing deeply on what he had seen and heard in the course of the morning.
Much progress had already been made in the previous sessions of the peace talks.
By doing so, the interactive problems that beset the first nine sessions of the peace negotiations could be circumvented and imposition of solutions in favor of the genocidal government of Kiir can be prevented, to open up the process for constructive dialogue among the conflicting parties and participants based on democratic practices.
Newark, 15th of October 1797: 6082: Tederick Jacob Serjeant." (4) In File 8, "Lists of those persons who attended the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden for the Home District (Michaelmas Term) in the Town (of) Newark, Province of Upper Canada on the 11th day of October 1796 and 36th Year of Our Lord King George the IIId of Great Britain, France & Ireland &c &c" it states: "6603: Tederick, Jacob Serjeant".
For royal records, printed records of common law cases drawn from quasi-criminal cases (sessions of the peace) and civil suits (Court of Common Pleas) have been combined with manuscript records of royal indictment from both York and Essex.
Elizabeth Chapin Furber, ed., Essex Sessions of the Peace 1351, 1377-79 (Essex Archaeological Society, 1953), p.
Putnam saw in the multiple rearrangements that occurred in the composition of the sessions of the peace over the course of the century a struggle between the forces of royal centralization and those who favored more local autonomy.
The overwhelming majority of records from the sessions of the peace deal exclusively with criminal matters.(52) It is possible that the authors have been misled by the multiple uses of the word transgresssio (trespass) in the fourteenth century.
200 YEARS AGO: Notice is herby given that the next General Quarter sessions of the Peace for this Country will begin to be held on Tuesday the second day of April next.
5117 (Quebec Court of Sessions of the Peace) and 84 D.T.C.
Minutes of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Midland District, Vol 3, 1841-1849.
200 YEARS AGO: Notice is hearby given that the next General Quarter sessions of the Peace for this Country, will begin to be held on Tuesday the second day of October next.