Setaria glauca

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Noun1.Setaria glauca - common weedy and bristly grass found in nearly all temperate areas
foxtail, foxtail grass - grasses of the genera Alopecurus and Setaria having dense silky or bristly brushlike flowering spikes
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Yanushevich, who identified a sizeable proportion of the broomcorn millet impressions from Moldova and Ukraine, notes that the impressions in pottery and daub at the Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic sites in Moldova are not very clear, and that "possibly some of them belong to Setaria glauca, Setaria viridis or Echinochloa crus-galli species" (Yanushevich 1976: 153).
The research at El Reno focused on bermudagrass, Cynodon dactylon, alone and with a scattering of senescent downy brome, Bromus tectorum, and yellow bristlegrass, Setaria glauca.
Dominant species included Hibiscus trionum, Cyperus esculentus, Setaria glauca followed in Year II by Setaria faberi and Ambrosia artemisiifolia.