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 (sĕt′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. Something, such as a decoration, that sets off something else by contrast.
2. Something that offsets or compensates for something else; a counterbalance.
3. A counterclaim that reduces or discharges the amount owed to a claimant.
4. Architecture See setback.
5. Printing See offset.
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(ˈsɛtˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

1. something that counterbalances or makes up for something else, as compensation for a loss.
2. a counterbalancing claim that cancels an amount a debtor owes.
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Noun1.setoff - structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly
structure, construction - a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"
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"All that is very well," said Don Quixote; "but let the shoes and the blood-lettings stand as a setoff against the blows you have given him without any cause; for if he spoiled the leather of the shoes you paid for, you have damaged that of his body, and if the barber took blood from him when he was sick, you have drawn it when he was sound; so on that score he owes you nothing."
The existence of setoffs and counterclaims, if any; and 4.
The clerk of the court alerts the Office of State Courts Administrator, which then can seek setoffs from the defendant's income tax refunds or lottery-prize payouts.
may be set off to any one or more of the parties, with his or their consent, upon payment by him or them to any one or more of the others of such amounts of money as the commissioners award to make the partition just and equal.' A court is free to use its 14 powers as the sole means of resolving a partition action; the court also can use setoffs in combination with other means of partition to end the case.
This year's commodity tax agenda addressed issues related to sales of oil and gas resource properties; assessments prior to the resolution of auditor-requested rulings; drop shipments; emissions allowances; the new entity verification process; pension plan rebates; waivers; maintenance of and access to company information; large case file registrants; My Business Account training and outreach; joint venture elections; CRA's upcoming out-of-pocket cost publication; financial institution annual information returns; qualifying environmental trusts; amended returns; agency relationships and elections; credit adjustments; Section 156 elections; production taxes; place of supply rules; prepayment of assessments; tax account setoffs; and potential changes to the rules related to partnerships.
* An acknowledgement by the debtor that the claims of the creditor are valid and enforceable in all respects, and not subject to any defenses, counterclaims, setoffs or credits of any kind;
If there are children, the spouse still receives those estate setoffs as well as $50,000 cash and half of the remainder of the estate.
The court did not permit the setoff, although setoffs are generally
(50) The ThyssenKrupp court made it clear on rehearing that its ruling is one of evidence and does not pertain to setoffs or other rules of damages.
The Czech Republic made it easier to deal with insolvency procedures by introducing further legal amendments to restrict setoffs in insolvency cases and suspending for some insolvent debtors the obligation to fi le for bankruptcy.
Other reasons include economic losses exceeding policy limits, collateral source setoffs, contribution by other defendants and the insurer's refusal to pay for medical treatment considered to be unreasonable.
Furthermore, we would need you to agree to paying us without setoffs within 30 days; agree to and sign the NITL/ATA model contract; agree to our rules tariff for accessorial; and, of course, agree to a fuel surcharge program.