closing costs

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clos′ing costs`
various charges, as for title search paid by the buyer or seller of real property when the sale is executed.
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A Montana state judge has ruled that Berkshire Hathaway unit National Indemnity must pay over $68M of Montana's asbestos-related settlement costs, the Wall Street Journal reports.
As it stands today, airlines only see the settlement costs after the fact, if at all.
According to the company, the adjusted sale price was nearly around $490 million and that it expects $415 million in net proceeds, net of pension settlement costs, transaction related expenses and gains related to foreign exchange hedging.
Chief executive Ross McEwan cautioned of more pain to come as the bank faces further fines for "conduct issues of the past", with RBS braced for settlement costs in the US related to mortgage-backed securities, which have battered many of its rivals in America over the past couple of years.
The sale price is expected to be approximately USD 510m and the company will record an after-tax loss of approximately USD 310m in 2Q15 related to the expected sale and pension settlement costs.
Earlier this year, banking research firm, Autonomous, put the worldwide potential settlement costs at around USD35bn.
Early on, it has already been asserted by various quarters that the advice being given to PSALM and Petilla on the prospective pass-on in the electricity rates of the P63 billion settlement costs to dismissed NPC employees is blatantly wrong and in violation of the EPIRA.
A higher index value means settlement costs have been reduced.
For more InsideCounsel coverage of the Gulf oil spill and its aftermath, see: BP faces more than 2,200 new spill lawsuits Florida sues BP for oil spill damages First phase of BP spill trial ends BP settlement costs rise again BP enters plea in Gulf oil spill criminal case
The Supreme Court ruled the Diocese could allocate all of its settlement costs to just two policy periods, saying allocation to all seven policies was not required due to the "clear interrelationship" among the CGL policies, all but one of which were issued as renewal policies by National Union or related companies.
The settlement costs are "not acceptable," Stewart said.
Becker, who also requested a meeting with Bernanke, urged the Fed to examine the authorization, clearance or settlement costs of particular types of transactions.