n.1.A firearm, esp. a pistol, with seven barrels or chambers for cartridges, or one capable of firing seven shots without reloading.
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I would guess the Nagant revolver was made a seven-shooter to compensate for all that rigmarole.
Second, when compared to a six-shot, the 686 seven-shooter has a 16 percent increase in firepower.
There are other reasons to like a seven-shooter besides the additional round.
1 seven-shooter (a pocket pistol, by the bye) and then continued to be scaled up by S&W, and others, on an as-needed basis.
Fixed sights and elimination of the rib and underlug would turn this seven-shooter into a spectacular combat revolver.
Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson never did manufacture a cap and ball revolver, but rather brought forth the first cartridge-firing sixgun, actually a seven-shooter, in the first rim-fire cartridge, the lowly little .
The extra weight comes with an extra shot, as the Night Guard is a seven-shooter.
Manhattan also made these little seven-shooters under its own name.
The small Taurus revolvers are good buys, and work and shoot well, I've been especially impressed with the potential of Taurus' little seven-shooters with the lock feature, the UltraLite .
When he got back to Springfield he sent me out a couple of seven-shooters for me to "play with.