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 (so͞o′əl), Samuel 1652-1730.
English-born American jurist who presided over the witchcraft trials at Salem, Massachusetts (1692), for which he later offered a public apology. He is also noted as the author of an early manifesto against slavery, The Selling of Joseph (1700).


(ˈsu əl)

Samuel, 1652–1730, American jurist, born in England.
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When the mint-master had grown very rich, a young man, Samuel Sewall by name, came a-courting to his only daughter.
Sewall, as we must now call her--did as she was bid, like a dutiful child, without any question of the why and wherefore.
it was full to the brim of bright pine-tree shillings, fresh from the mint; and Samuel Sewall began to think that his father-in-law had got possession of all the money in the Massachusetts treasury.
As for Samuel Sewall, he afterwards became chief justice of Massachusetts.
Sewall was arrested as a result of a rape kit that was finally sent to be tested in 2016.
In July 1774, Jonathan Sewall (1729-96), attorney general of Massachusetts, met with his longtime friend John Adams (1735-1826) for what they both thought would be the last time.
The cars were parked in Sewall Highway and Tackford Road, in Courthouse Green, when they were attacked in the early hours of Monday morning.
Soup is a category that lends itself to creativity, says Bob Sewall, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Blount Fine Foods.
North Sewall Street, walk-in at the station reporting that her debit card was used.
Sewall is a seasoned architect in California, and this presentation is clearly a labor of love.
based Blount Fine Foods has added Caitlin Sewall to its sales team in the Northeast, where she will report to Lisa Fecera, director of retail sales.
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