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v. i.1.To perform the duties of a sewer. See 3d Sewer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Abel Mogaka appeared before Justice Olga Sewe and denied killing Calvines Ngaira using a beer bottle.
Sewe, Bertrand Sudre, Jon Garrido, Chiara Bellegarde de Saint Lary, Wolfgang Lohr, Jan C.
Odhiambo thanked his seniors for starting the Sunset idea, people like the legendary Elisha Kasuku, the late George Sewe, former Royal captain Tom Guga, former national ladies team player Jennifer Aoko, and golfers Otieno Aboka, George Nandy, George McOdawa and Vitalis Ojode.'FRONT COURSE'The Mombasa tour starts on Friday with a Sunset Club-nite at Mombasa Golf Club, popularly known as the "Front course", which has also attracted a big field.
Scalde by tenche & atyre wel & boyle it; & tak be same broth & myed bred & tempere it togedere, & tak good poudre / of canel & of clowes & do to pe sewe, & coloure it with safroun & salte it & lete hit boile.
(4) Daar is tans oor die sewe duisend tale ter wereld (Beeld.
Soos in die geval van Henry van Eeden in Sewe dae by die Silbersteins (waar die "ornamentele sleutelgatplaat" ook soos 'n baarmoeder lyk, Leroux 10), word 'n individuasieproses en hergeboorte in die vooruitsig gestel.
Spiegelman, fearing the consequences of categorizing Maus as fiction, requested that The New York Times move his work from the fiction category to non-fiction on its best-seller list, while in awarding a Special Award in Letters prize to Maus in 1992, the Pulitzer committee avoided the issue (sewe Spiegelman, MetaMAUS 150; Fischer and Fischer 230).
La mission ne sera pas de tout repos devant des Guineens revigores par leurs exploits dans les tours precedents aux depens de Sewe Sport (Cote d'Ivoire) et Zisco United (Zambie).
(6) The resulting song for three voices, the most popular form in this period, shows the women competing to see who can work fastest ("Sewe Tibet, knitte Anot, spinne Margerie,/ Let us see who shall winne the victorie": lines 314-15).