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v. i.1.To perform the duties of a sewer. See 3d Sewer.
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Justice Olga Sewe noted that the issue raised by Epco Builders had already been determined by the court, noting that any additional claim the firm was raising could be dealt with in a separate pending suit that the real estate firm has filed against KQ.
High Court judge Olga Sewe confirmed an order issued in 2015 by Justice Fred Ochieng' to freeze Janco Investments Limited's assets and bank accounts within and outside Kenyan boundaries as they gear up to recover Sh34 billion stolen from the collapsed lender.
Maquins Odhiambo Sewe, (1,2,3) Aditi Bunker, (4,5,6) Vijendra Ingole, (1,3,7) Thaddaeus Egondi, (8,9) Daniel Oudin Astrom, (10,11) David M.
Le joueur, ex-societaire des clubs ivoiriens de SO Armee, de Sewe San Pedro et de l'ASEC Mimosas, est passe par le Zamalek d'Egypte avant de rejoindre la Turquie en 2015.
Tenders Are Invited For Providing And Laying Of Sewe Line At Gulab Baba Zopadpatti In Prabhag No.
Soos in die geval van Henry van Eeden in Sewe dae by die Silbersteins (waar die "ornamentele sleutelgatplaat" ook soos 'n baarmoeder lyk, Leroux 10), word 'n individuasieproses en hergeboorte in die vooruitsig gestel.
La mission ne sera pas de tout repos devant des Guineens revigores par leurs exploits dans les tours precedents aux depens de Sewe Sport (Cote d'Ivoire) et Zisco United (Zambie).
viii] Rather than confronting the ultras when they stormed the stadium, security forces negotiated their departure as well as their attendance under a temporary lifting of the spectator ban for Ahli's match against Ivory Coast's Sewe Sport.
The highest fan attendance took place on 6 December, when the Ministry of Interior approved the attendance of 25,000 supporters at the latest Al-Ahly game in the African Confederation Cup against Ivory Coast's Sewe Sport Club.
CAIRO, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- Emad Motab scored in the last minute of stoppage time to add a first African Confederations Cup win for African Champions League record holders Egypt's Al-Ahli over Sewe Sport of Ivory Coast on Saturday.
Ivorians Sewe San Pedro joined Ahly in the semifinals by thumping Zambians Nkana 3-0 on an artificial Abidjan pitch.