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A constellation in the equatorial region of the sky near Leo and Hydra. Also called Sextant.

[New Latin sextāns, sextant; see sextant.]


n, Latin genitive Sextantis (sɛksˈtæntɪs)
(Astronomy) a faint constellation lying on the celestial equator close to Leo and Hydra
[New Latin: sextant]
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The hypervelocity stars are mostly found in the Leo and Sextans constellations - we wondered why that is the case.
The European Space Agency's Gaia satellite will report data on billions of stars next year, and there should be a trail of hypervelocity stars across the sky between the Leo and Sextans constellations in the North and the LMC in the South.
Se deben incluir, no obstante, en este criterio de seleccion metrologica dos de los tres divisores que formaban parte del conjunto: el sextans de Populonia (16 g) y un semis romano, la moneda mas antigua de las identificadas en el conjunto y, por tanto, de peso todavia elevado (25,02 g) (Arevalo Gonzalez y Marcos Alonso, 1998: 39), por lo que solo destaca en este hallazgo por su reducido modulo y escaso peso (7,79 g y 20,8 mm) un sextans romano.
Sculptor, Hydra, Sextans and Crater are lesser-known examples of what?
During the year, the planets appear in the 12 zodiac constellations, as well as in Cetus, Hydra, Ophiuchus, Orion and Sextans (Fig 4).
The system, known as AY Sextantis, is located about 4,400 light-years away in the constellation Sextans.
Within the past few weeks, Grant had turned his attention to faint local group galaxies, submitting images of Leo 2, Leo A and Sextans B.
December dawn is April in the evening sky: Orion setting, Leo overhead, Pupppis and Pyxis in the southwest, Hercules rising in the east, Cygnus in the northeast, Libra in the southeast, the Milky Way along the northern horizon, Centaurus, Corvus, Crater and Sextans along the southern tree line.
Polarissima 4Q2000 West Coast Sextans 4Q2000 since 1999) Triangulum 4Q2000 Zwicky 4Q1997, 4Q2000 Investors Name ([dagger]) Name Location Interview Altair Andromeda Northern America Aquarius Finland 2 Carina Finland 1 Sunflower United Kingdom 1 Triangulum Central Europe 1 Three others Antares Capricorn Finland 2 Centaurus U.
Scan the April chart on page 37 and you'll come across lesser-known constellations such as Hydra, the Water Snake; Crater, the Cup; and Sextans, the Sextant.
Alongside their more conventional fittings, Artemide have launched two flamboyant new designs: Pipe Sospensione, a flexible chord wall or ceiling fitting, left; and Sextans with its hot-formed acrylic body raised on slender chrome legs.
1) [Sextantarius = containing a sextans = a sixth part of a measure.