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Noun1.sexual morality - morality with respect to sexual relationssexual morality - morality with respect to sexual relations
morality - concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct
pureness, purity, honor, honour - a woman's virtue or chastity
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And in that world a world where babies are made in labs where pregnancy-via-sexual intercourse is elected only by a minority of women where sexual ethics have nothing to do with procreative possibilities what will sex mean?
Shifting from war to sex, Raymond Raad looks at Jason Stotts's Eros and Ethos: A New Theory of Sexual Ethics. The book is rooted firmly in the Aristotelian, eudaimonistic tradition, though more specifically based on Ayn Rand's Objectivist ethics.
At LST, Intengan was an associate professor of Moral Theology and specialized in Christian social ethics, medical and sexual ethics.
The world of romantic love and sexual ethics looks different when seen through the lens of this narrative.
Burke has been a staunch critique of Francis, specifically with regard to his attitudes and policies regarding sexual ethics.
And it affords a rationale for defending traditional sexual ethics, supporting the all-male priesthood, and opposing same-sex marriage or parenthood.
A Church of England spokesman said: "The Church has said that it would be unjust to exclude from consideration for the episcopate anyone seeking to live fully in conformity with the Church's teaching on sexual ethics or other areas of personal life and discipline.
Their topics include moral structure in the world: the form and function of moral norms, so much value: the sacredness of life, adultery of the heart: sexual ethics in the meantime, even the birds of the air: creation care and the kingdom, and curing every disease: the way of Jesus and contemporary bioethics.
The standard contemporary position on sexual ethics, summarized in John Corvino's concise book What's Wrong with Homosexuality?, is that consensual sex between adults--whether heterosexual or homosexual, married or unmarried--contributes to human well-being and is therefore morally good and choiceworthy.
A very liberal sexual ethics now holds sway in Western culture, such that mutual consent alone is widely seen as morally legitimizing almost any sexual activity between adults.
Mark 10:1-12 is one of the primary texts where Jesus develops his teaching of sexual ethics. This periscope presents the radical difference between the conventional values thus far espoused by the disciples (and by the society to which they belonged) and a new perspective of the kingdom of God.