sexual harassment

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sexual harassment

Inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature, such as repeated sexual advances or offensive remarks, that occurs usually in a workplace, school, or other institutional setting, especially by a person in authority with respect to a subordinate or a student.

sexual harassment

(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the persistent unwelcome directing of sexual remarks and looks, and unnecessary physical contact at a person, usually a woman, esp in the workplace

sex′ual harass′ment

unwelcome sexual advances, esp. when made by an employer or superior, usu. with compliance as a condition of continued employment or promotion.
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Noun1.sexual harassment - unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employeesexual harassment - unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employee
harassment, molestation - the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism
تحرش جنسيمُضايَقَه جِنْسِيَّه
assetjament sexual
sexuální obtěžování
seksuaalinen häirintä
הטרדה מינית
molestowanie seksualne
assédio sexual
hărţuire sexuală
sexuella trakasserier
quấy rối tình dục

sexual harassment

nmolestie fpl sessuali


(ˈhӕrəs) , ((especially American) həˈras) verb
1. to annoy or trouble (a person) constantly or frequently. The children have been harassing me all morning.
2. to make frequent sudden attacks on (an enemy). The army was constantly harassed by groups of terrorists.
ˈharassed adjective
a harassed mother.
ˈharassment noun
He complained of harassment by the police.
sexual harassmentsex


(seks) noun
1. either of the two classes (male and female) into which human beings and animals are divided according to the part they play in producing children or young. Jeans are worn by people of both sexes; What sex is the puppy?
2. the fact of belonging to either of these two groups. discrimination on the grounds of sex; (also adjective) sex discrimination.
ˈsexist adjective
showing contempt for the other sex. a very sexist remark.
ˈsexless adjective
neither male nor female.
sexual (ˈsekʃuəl) adjective
concerned with the production of young or children. the sexual organs.
ˈsexually adverb
ˈsexy adjective
having sex appeal.
sexual abuse noun
taking advantage of someone sexually in a cruel way.
sex appeal
the quality of being attractive to people of the other sex. That actress has sex appeal.
sexual harassment noun
touching someone or demanding to have sex with a person against her/his will, or making sexual remarks about a person.
sexual intercourse
the sexual activity between a man and woman that is necessary for the producing of children.
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of legislation aimed at combating sexual harrassment on Capitol Hill.
The lily-livered, legalese defence used by every man from Harvey Weinstein to Damian Green accused of sexual harrassment in the workplace: "I don't recognise her version of events.
The week before Kez went into the jungle, Holyrood was awash with sexual harrassment allegations.
Does sexism in language make sexual harrassment more prevalant?
Fox News settled a sexual harrassment lawsuit Tuesday by former morning anchor Gretchen Carlson against former chairman Roger Ailes for $20 million.
Terms used to connote pains and pressures include: sexual coercion, unwanted sex, nonconsensual sex, forced intercourse, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harrassment, and sexual violence.
Sexual harrassment has been one of the signature themes of twenty-first-centuryCairo comics:
The film stars Genoveva Rossi, a well-known "Scream Queen" (Apocalypse Kiss, Agraphobia: Fear of Sexual Harrassment, Tapestry), Miranda Southwell, Khalima Gaston, Natasha Ramadass, Melissa Damas (Ghetto Nerd Girl), Kaitlyn Creed Boyce and Luis R Scott.
THE ENERGY and Resources Institute ( TERI) on Thursday removed RK Pachauri as the director general, who is facing sexual harrassment charges.
Bulgarian reformatories are places where children are suffering from sexual harrassment, physical violence and deprivation of food, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has warned.
But while women are discriminated against based on their gender, and sexual harrassment in the work place and gender-based violence report sky-high statistics, feminism remains relevant.
The uproar over the trip was the start of a rapid downward slide that led to charges of sexual harrassment and finally forced the mayor to resign over the harrassment issues, not his support for the Mojahedin.

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