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also Shaa·ban  (shə-bän′, shä-, shô-)
The eighth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Arabic ša'bān, perhaps from ša'aba, to gather, disperse; see śʕb in Semitic roots.]
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Noun1.Sha'ban - the eighth month of the Islamic calendar
Islamic calendar, Mohammedan calendar, Moslem calendar, Muhammadan calendar, Muslim calendar - the lunar calendar used by Muslims; dates from 622 AD (the year of the Hegira); the beginning of the Muslim year retrogresses through the solar year completing the cycle every 32 years
Islamic calendar month - any lunar month in the Muslim calendar
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PETERSBURG, Sha'aban 30, 1436 AH, June 17,2015 SPA -- The 19th annual St.
Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud al- Busaidi, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior, Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid al- Siyabi, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court, and Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al- Khatib, Judge in Salalah Supreme Court met today / Wednesday / Sha'aban 29.
Earlier this evening the moon-sighting committees of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia announced that Wednesday will be the last day of the lunar Hijri month of Sha'aban and therefore Ramadhan will begin on Thursday.
The panel convened at the Supreme Islamic Affairs Council (SIAC) headquarters and concluded that tomorrow (June 17) would be the 30th day of Sha'aban, as the new moon has not been sighted .
El-Massry, journalist Youssef Sha'aban, and 11 other activists and lawyers have been charged with 10 accusations, including damaging the police station, insulting the station's personnel, attempting to help prisoners escape and spreading terror amongst citizens.
A press statement issued on the occasion stated, ''With the support of Allah and as an embodiment of the historic relations, good neighbourly ties and mutual respect, whose foundations were laid by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and Dr Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, a maritime boundary agreement was signed in Muscat on Tuesday 7th of Sha'aban 1436 AH corresponding to May 26, 2015, between the Sultanate and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Sea of Oman area.
Local sources said that Israeli occupation detained Mohyi Eddin Sha'aban, 50 years old, who suffers a psychological disorder.
Their melodic choir will mark the beginning of the midnight celebrations of Sha'aban, better known as Hag Al Laila.
President Assad's Media Advisor Bouthaina Sha'aban had earlier said that the Iraqi politicians who criticize the Syrian government are the same ones who asked the Syrian government to leave open its borders to the Jihadis.
A security source, declined to be named, told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "an explosive device placed by unknown persons on the edge of the Rumaitha river near a gathering of citizens were celebrating the night of the fifteenth of Sha'aban and citizens have told the security forces, which rushed to evacuate the place and dismantled the bomb.
The significant distinction of this night, according to Islamic belief, is that it falls on the night of 15th Sha'aban in which all births and deaths on universe are written on the "Loh-e-Mehfooz" for the forthcoming year.
Other members are Dr Kaldeep Kohad of India, UAE's Dr Rola Sha'aban, Dr Khalid Al Raziqi of Oman, Dr Hadi Al Luati of Oman, Dr Ebrahim Yousf of Bahrain, Dr Subah Al Kbi of Bahrain and Dr Abdulrahman Abulshouk of Bahrain.