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or Shab•bos

(ˈʃɑ bəs)

Yiddish. the Jewish Sabbath.
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Tenders are invited for Improvement of existing road by providing cc paver block stone, rcc drain and cd from yandigeri house charantimath via shabbas ali dargah in ward no-4, under tpc limit of kerur
TheSchool Library Journal suggests its suitable for grades 6-12, while Audrey Shabbas of Arab World And Islamic Resources and School Services lists it as Grade 5 through adult.
Positions on the board of officers included "Shabbas Goy," "Assistant Shabbas Goy," and a treasurer listed as "When Endowed.
Mishar B'Internet Ushmirat Shabbas [Trade on the Internet and Sabbath observance].
F]amily around the shabbas [sic] table, singing, learning, eating, being" wrote one JEDLAB member.
Celine Shabbas, Director of UK Trading, added: "Simon has clearly demonstrated his leadership and management skills and we know that our Private Jets clients will benefit from his knowledge, experience and dedication to providing a high quality personal service.
One such early memory took place during a Shabbas (Saturday) walk in Philadelphia with my rabbi.
From the first of those litters emerged Cox Cup winner Sineads Slaney, English Laurels fourth Shabbas Mate and Josabb.
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So the day passed, and as it did, Jacobo grew less confident about arriving at the shul on shabbas, carrying a plate of latkes.
Audrey Shabbas, speaking for the Arab World and Islamic Resources and School Services group, echoes the sentiments of my informants who found the book perpetuating a colonialist portrait of Muslims worldwide:
On teaching about the Arab world: The Arab World Studies Notebook, edited by Audrey Shabbas.