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The Sabbath.

[Yiddish shabes, from Hebrew šabbāt; see Sabbath.]
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It was a Shabbos morning when I awoke and realized that my virginity was goneagainst my wishes.
Following the highly successful Addictions Awareness event in Brooklyn, which saw hundreds in attendance, OHEL and Amudim are again providing an awareness event in the Catskills this Shabbos, July 14th, including Motsei Shabbos.
28) Like their non-Orthodox counterparts, members of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) dedicated their sermons to Scouting-related Jewish values on the annual "Scout Shabbos.
Toba's Passage" is a consistently engaging immigrant story that effectively portrays a family committed to keeping Shabbos, Torah, and mitzvos no matter where they are.
The deal to fix up diplomatic collaboration with Turkey was signed by Turkey lawmakers on Shabbos.
And she so clearly evokes that life and, for instance, the feel of a Chicago winter and a Friday night Shabbos dinner with the family that one can practically feel the cold and taste the brisket (for which a wonderful recipe is provided).
Hence, they were able to make their own working hours to comply with Shabbos and holidays.
The synagogue, later known as the United Synagogue, and which had stood next to Austin Reed, closed on Shabbos, the first day of January 1954 when the lease was said to have ran out.
Despite Evie's familial disconnect (she and her brother avoid marking Jewish holidays with their parents), she and her chosen family from the condo where she lives, faithfully mark Friday night Shabbos around her dining room table.
We're here because the Met is glorifying the killing of a Jew, and we must speak out -- we're the next generation,'' said Shabbos Kestenbaum, 15.
Here's the end of the week coming," she sobbed, "and I shall have no fish for Shabbos.
He attends a variety of religious services including a Jewish Shabbos, a Muslim talim, a Catholic Mass, a Native American smudging ceremony, and Protestant services.