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The Sabbath.

[Yiddish shabes, from Hebrew šabbāt; see Sabbath.]
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They touch on big names like Gurrah Schapiro; Bugsy Siegel; and Sam Levine, the shomer shabbos hitman.
For the world to know, in fact, was the purpose of the Oneg Shabbos archive--to leave behind tangible evidence of Eastern European Jewry before its nightmarish end.
At Shabbos services, Ruth meets budding activist Max, who is deeply committed to social justice.
A Jew, to them, kept kosher and Shabbos and all the rest of the 613 commandments, plus the extra stringencies rabbis had added on over the years, as fences to keep the commandments away from being broken, plus, if you were a girl, wore skirts at all times and kept that collar bone covered.
(6.) The portrayal of those who convert to Judaism as inherently comedic figures is not limited to Jews of color: Walter Sobchak, in The Big Lebowski, famously asserts "I don't roll on Shabbos!" Seinfeld inverts this dynamic in the figure of Tim Whatley (played by Bryan Cranston), who converts not for any faith-based reason, but solely to tell edgy jokes without being accused of anti-Semitism (Ackerman, 1997).
MediaCom knew from the beginning that it wanted to focus on Shabbos, which forbids observers from anything resembling work--even flipping a lightswitch, or rolling on antiperspirant--for 24 hours every week from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
When our dog, Shlomi, saw the signs of Shabbos preparation in our house, he would be as excited as the greatest mystic longing for the Shabbos bride.
As the image in Figure 1 shows, two words in Yiddish/Hebrew were stamped as an overlay on the otherwise printed card--"shoymer Shabbos," that is, "Sabbath observer." While Goldstein's card does not carry a date, the graphics suggest that it was printed in the early twentieth century.
There, a plethora of global food products await: Asian items such as bamboo shoots, rice sticks, spring roll wrappers and Thai coconut milk; Italian products including pastas, pesto, risotto and polenta; Indian fare such as harissa, naan chips and fish curry paste; Mexican cuisine ranging from corn husks and tortillas to plantain chips and dried chiles; and kosher items including matzo ball and potato latke mixes, egg noodles, grape juice and even Shabbos candles.
(190) See Babylonian Talmud, Shabbos 88b ("Each and every statement uttered by the Almighty can be deconstructed into seventy languages....
Following the highly successful Addictions Awareness event in Brooklyn, which saw hundreds in attendance, OHEL and Amudim are again providing an awareness event in the Catskills this Shabbos, July 14th, including Motsei Shabbos.
"Toba's Passage" is a consistently engaging immigrant story that effectively portrays a family committed to keeping Shabbos, Torah, and mitzvos no matter where they are.