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 (shā-bĕl′ē, shə-) or She·be·le (shē-bā′lē, shə-)
A river, about 1,130 km (700 mi) long, of northeast Africa rising in central Ethiopia and flowing southeast into Somalia then southwest in a course parallel to the Indian Ocean coastline. It disappears in a swampland in southern Somalia.
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The military attack comes just days after the terrorists carried out an attack on a military base in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region.
Cameraman Abdinasir Abdulle Ga'al, 24, working for government-controlled Radio Station of Somali National Army was killed in Awdheegle in the Lower Shabelle region - 70 kilometres southwest of capital Mogadishu-after the Al-Shabaab group carried out two car bomb attacks at the SNA military base.
"I don't know why the KNBS introduced those codes in the first place since they are yet to reply to my letter," he said.MERGE CODESMr Mahamud wants Merile and Murule sub-tribes merged under one code and Corner tribe merged with eight others including Shegal, Warabey, Shamoge and shabelle among others.
This leaves them vulnerable to evictions, adding to their already desperate situation, Mabonga said, noting that conflict continues in the Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.
Soldiers in Lower Shabelle just recently abandoned the frontline positions due to lack of pay.
"In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia's continued efforts to weaken Al-Shabaab, US forces conducted an airstrike in the vicinity of Huley, Lower Shabelle Region, Somalia, on March 12," said an Africom statement.
The US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition's mercenaries continued to violate the cease-fire agreement in Hodeidah province, where a child was wounded by mercenary fire in the Shabelle area east of the of Tuhayta district, Meanwhile, warplanes and Apache of the enemy intensively continue to hover in the sky of the district, and a number of southern disitricts.
military killed six militants in an air strike in Somalia on Sunday in the vicinity of Dheerow Sanle, in the Lower Shabelle region, it said, according to Reuters.
Two response vaccination campaigns using monovalent OPV type 2 (mOPV2) were conducted in December 2017 and January 2018, targeting children aged <5 years in Banadir and the neighboring provinces of Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle (Figure); no vaccination was possible in inaccessible areas within these provinces.
The QC is also working on the construction of several health centres and clinics, including the Elesha Biyaha dispensary which is expected to be open soon in Lower Shabelle region.
The Elesha Biyaha dispensary is expected to be opened soon in Lower Shabelle region, which is a heavily populated area where there is no public hospital that provides the required health services to the local people.
Based on the information received by the Somali Federal Government, and members of the Alliance of Islamic Cooperation Organisation, UN agencies, the OIC office in Mogadishu has warned from the consequences of a major humanitarian disaster in light of the continued high water levels in the rivers of Juba and Shabelle. This foreshadows the expansion of the disaster and the occurrence of large destruction resulting in the loss of shelter and food for tens of thousands of people, especially in light of the precarious situation of food security in Somalia, as well as epidemics due to the poor living conditions as a result of the disaster.