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A Japanese dish of thin slices of meat and vegetables cooked at the table in a simmering pot of broth, then dipped into any of various sauces.

[Japanese, imitative of bubbling water.]
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Tong Yang Shabu Shabu Express Satisfy your craving for Shabu-shabu at Tong Yang.
Revel in merrymaking with seven food stations - Shabu Shabu, Salmon, Japanese, Pritchon, Salad, Pasta and Roast Carving.
Available on the menu are a range of iconic traditional and modern dishes from the country ranging from Japanese tapas to Wagyu shabu shabu (hotpot) buffet, Yakitori (Japanese style chicken skewers) and much more.
Shabu Shabu. The place was well lit and had people coming in feeling welcome as the place was spacious with high ceilings and squeaky clean interiors.
That evening, we had a most delicious shabu shabu in a restaurant nearby.
The ex-police community support officer was followed out of Surabaya airport in April after officers in Indonesia's second largest city got a tip-off she was carrying the drug, known locally as Shabu Shabu.
Meanwhile, my colleague goes for the Japanese Beef Shabu Shabu - strip loin cooked with enoki mushrooms, carrot, white radish, spring onion, fish stock, soy sauce, vinegar and freshly ground pepper.
Swish, swish is a good translation of shabu shabu, a Japanese style of cooking that has just been innovatively introduced to the Worcester area by the Mandarin Westboro.
If you''re looking for a unique and entertaining experience without the sky-high prices, try Shabu Shabu House Restaurant - a form of Japanese cooking where servers cook you your own meat.
A very popular meal here is Korean shabu shabu which is a variation of its Japanese counterpart.
Lean beef is slowly gaining popularity in Japan, where many meat eaters have grown up with a taste for the marbled beef used in two of Japan's signature dishes, sukiyaki and shabu shabu.