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A Japanese dish of thin slices of meat and vegetables cooked at the table in a simmering pot of broth, then dipped into any of various sauces.

[Japanese, imitative of bubbling water.]
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ShabuShabu 101 serves a hotpot experience with a smorgasbord of thinly-sliced options like vegetables, beef, pork, and seafood that you can all mix together and let sizzle in a sea of boiling meaty soup.
From there, hot pot spread throughout East Asia, where it's known under many names and in many regional variations: firepot, steamboat, jim jum (Thailand), shabushabu (Japan), lau (Vietnam)--all delicious, and cooked not just for the Lunar New Year but for birthdays and other celebrations too.
[31] found that ageing time had significant effects (P < 0.05) on the sensory quality when grilled or shabushabu, but not when roasted.
Honegger also owns People's Water, Flavor of Asia and ShabuShabu Native Restaurant.
Those raised in Osaka Prefecture are put on sale as ''Osaka ume beef.'' It is found in ''shabushabu'' restaurants which prepare food at the order of customers and eateries in several places in the city.
Other popular boiled dishes included tori mizutaki (chicken), with 316; shabushabu (usually beef), 290; udon-sukiyaki (noodles with beef), 240; chige (Korean-style stew), 172 and khaki dotenabe (oysters), 83.