Shackle bolt

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a shackle.
- Sir W. Scott.

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"This tragic accident was the result of an inadvertent ejection and main parachute deployment failure due to the over-tightening of the drogue shackle bolt. In November 2017, the HSE confirmed that the inadvertent ejection was not caused by any fault attributable to the company.
Carey relishes all the detail of their preparation: Irene worrying about the dust in the outback clogging the Holden air cleaner, stretching a stocking over its wire mesh as an extra filter; Titch showing their neighbour Willie Bachhuber how to "remove the shackle bolt from the leaf spring", jacking the spring up "so the eye moves along the wood to the spot where the shackle can be fitted".
The statement said lessons had been learned at the company and that its designers had joined with military experts in developing a new, safer shackle bolt and firing handle housing.