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Shaffer, who currently serves as executive vice president of Civista and as president of the bank.
AWARD-WINNING Liverpool playwright Sir Peter Shaffer has passed away at the age of 90, it has been announced.
Shaffer passed away at age 57, leaving his wife and two children.
I'm looking forward to it this year more than any other year, with mixed feelings, of course,'' said Letterman's longtime bandleader, Paul Shaffer.
Shaffer has announced that the Federal Department of Transportation has awarded a contract to Silver Airways to deliver commercial air services between the DuBois Regional Airport and Dulles International Airport in Washington.
Wood County Assessor Rich Shaffer says tax records show the company pays $209,362 in real estate taxes and $704,976 in personal property taxes, based on the current value.
CEO Jack Cola took notice of Shaffer after reviewing his blog work and prompted his quick promotion to Editor-In-Chief.
In the fourth chapter Shaffer looks at the networks and alliances created among anarchists, freethinkers, and Spiritists; something that had not been done before and that opens the door for further studies.
Shaffer draws on his experiences from Wall Street to provide a historical context for the economic environment in 2010 and supply economic predictions for the next decade.
Jim Shaffer, president of Driver Pipeline, Dallas, has been asked by the board of directors to assume the responsibilities of CEO.
Shaffer was recently appointed associate librarian for library services at the Library of Congress (LC).
Mike ends up taking Shaffer in and encouraging him, especially when he discovers how good he is at wrestling.