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drive shaft

also drive·shaft (drīv′shăft′)
A rotating shaft that transmits mechanical power from a motor or an engine to a point or region of application.
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Noun1.driveshaft - a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application
drive line, drive line system - mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
rotating shaft, shaft - a revolving rod that transmits power or motion
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of shaft drive & coupling
Instead, in 1948, it came up with a completely new design for a medium size van with a conventional chassis and shaft drive.
Mueller Steam Specialty's 691MFA Cast Iron Duplex Strainers feature a single shaft drive that operates both diverter valves.
0 metres T-keel) ENGINE 160HP shaft drive WATER 1000 litres FUEL 1200 litres SAIL AREA Mainsail: 128 [m.
However, the engine now features a heavier flywheel and an additional vibration damper, apart from being the first BMW motorcycle to feature the shaft drive on the left hand side.
Even bigger news is the imminent arrival of Triumph's new 1,200cc inline-triple, said to produce more than 140bhp with lots of torque, transmitted to the back wheel via a new shaft drive designed by Triumph.
The protrusion on the end of the shaft drive has also been removed, leaving a sleeker line.
Through a series of gears, the device multiplied and transformed the animal's muscle power into mechanical power, which exited the bottom of the machine as a spinning shaft routed up to the coupling on the input of this gear drive, much like a modern tractor's PTO shaft drive.
In reality, he says, the Toyota system takes advantage of today's technology, inverted the EMT's input and output shaft drive, and added NiMH batteries and a utility Gelb and his associates once considered: the ability to turn the engine off and drive only on electric power at low speeds.
Each individual sensor is assembled and tested as are the enclosure and shaft drive system.
3- litre Rocket III cruisers after discovering a fault in the bike's shaft drive.