Shaft furnace

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(Metal.) a furnace, in the form of a chimney, which is charged at the top and tapped at the bottom.

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When components, compounds, and precursors require uniform processing and homogenous quality, the SCHWING Fluidized Bed Process Reactor is an interesting alternative to a rotary kiln, shaft furnace, or tray oven.
The topics include the effect of velocity on the dispersion of pollutants in a hypothetical Arctic open-pit mine, an inventory of highly resolved temporal and spatial volatile organic compound emissions in China, the quality of the work environment at the shaft furnace of a crude lead tapping and refining facility, diffusive sampling of air pollutants in US basins with oil and gas development, and household air pollution in South African low-income settlements: a case study.
The cupola melter is a shaft furnace in which charge materials are fed into the top and continuously melted and discharged at the bottom as long as air is blown into the shaft.
Nitriding of samples is performed in the shaft furnace SShAM-12.12/7 at 510 ...
His operation would make a high-grade iron pellet that would be fed into a vertical shaft furnace and an electric arc furnace to produce a range of rolled steel products.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Kobe Steel Limited, Midrex is a leader in DRI technology and produced 80% of the 64m metric tonnes of DRI n 2011 in the world through the shaft furnace route using the MIDREX Direct Reduction Process.
Thermal Load Impact on Steam Parameters for Cooling the Shaft Furnace, Annals of DAAAM for 2010 & Proceedings of the 21st International DAAAM Symposium, 20-23rd October 2010, Zadar, Croatia, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-901509-73-5, Katalinic, B.
without external heat access) of niobium pentoxide reduction in a shaft furnace on the graphite facing, a layer of deposit is formed in the zone where reactions and precipitation of molten products occur [1].
The plant comprises state-of-the art machinery housed in a purpose-built 3,000 sq m production facility comprising the main factory floor, shaft furnace tower, workshops, a laboratory and offices plus the required natural gas-handling systems, electrical substations, cooling towers and fume de-dusting equipment.
The Table shows influence of temperature on SER of the coal charge of mentioned fraction composition heated in the process of the coal calcination in the shaft furnace from 500 (the temperature, up to which thermoanthracite is heated on the furnace mouth) up to 2000 [degrees]C (possible temperature of the coal in the heating locus under lower end of the upper electrode).
At KGHM, Glogow, impurity deportment across the shaft furnace and flash furnace is described, as it is at the Jiangxi plant at Guixi, where soda ash and lime are injected into the converters to enhance impurity removal.