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(ʃəˌhɛr əˈzɑ də, -ˈzɑd, -ˌhɪər-)

(in The Arabian Nights' Entertainments) the wife of the sultan of India, who relates such interesting tales nightly that the sultan spares her life.
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The 11th Annual Shahrazad Charity Sale Bazaar will be held on November 25 in the Shahrazad Hall located behind Zait Alzaytoon in Budaiya Road.
He aqui que Shahrazad hiciera testamento en favor de su hermana menor Duniazad y le dijo:
Best known as the heroine of Thousand and One Nights Shahrazad is also the heroine of this smaller collection of folk tales, which has a similar story and draws from the same well of medieval Arabic narratives in genres generally excluded from classical or learned literature.
Publiee par les editions Shahrazad (Amman), l'anthologie a ete concue et presentee par le Dr El Hadi Ajab Eddour et Majdouline Rifai en collaboration avec la fondation euro-arabe pour la paix (Pays-Bas) et l'institut africain international pour la paix (Belgique), a precise la poetesse.
3) Not only does Shahrazad tell stories, but the characters in these stories also tell stories, thereby increasing the layers of embedding exponentially.
As the fifth anniversary of the revolution comes closer, movies about the emotions and beliefs of the event are being screened to the public to revive the distant revolutionary spirit, including The Dream of Shahrazad.
Next month, they have been invited to the 45th National Day celebrations at Shahrazad in Shangri-La's Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa.
Shahrazad Hawarnah, Headmistress of Al Estiqlal private school in Sharjah, said that since last three years they didn't request for fee hike because she wants to make her school affordable for all.
Summary: Gulf Insider's Shahrazad Al-Sa'ati eats her heart out at Gulf Hotel's signature Indian Restaurant.
The Moroccan chef at Shahrazad does fantastic tagines with fluffy couscous and spicy harissa; get a taste of the Far East at Asia; enjoy mezze and shisha pipes at Tapas & Sablah; dine around the world at Sultanah, or stay in Arabia at Al Tanoor.
Team founder Musa'ab Al Shaikh told the GDN that the ideas were being shortlisted based upon their creativity and seriousness, with the start-up cash raised at the eighth annual Shahrazad Charity Bazaar last Saturday.
Join young Shahrazad in her quest to transform the vengeful King with her enchanting storytelling.