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(ʃəˌhɛr əˈzɑ də, -ˈzɑd, -ˌhɪər-)

(in The Arabian Nights' Entertainments) the wife of the sultan of India, who relates such interesting tales nightly that the sultan spares her life.
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Theiviya Selvarajoo bt Shahrzad Banisaeid 6-4, 6-0.
The enterprise is the brainchild of mother and daughter duo, Soheyla and Shahrzad Amoudeh.
Shahrzad Habibi, research and policy director at the contracting think tank In the Public Interest, told International Business Times that clauses forcing transportation departments to pay for renovating or building nearby developments "tie the hands of the city or state government for a long time" and "should certainly give a city [or state] pause before entering into such an agreement.
Director: Shahrzad Salemi / Producers: Shahrzad Salemi, Sadigheh Khosh-khou
Oliver Brown and Annie Churchill at Corcoran are listing the five-story, seven bedroom house developed by Shahrzad Khayami of AscentSeven.
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We're committed to building on our existing momentum, and today's news is yet another example of how we're laying the foundation for our next stage of significant growth," said Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO, BBTV.
Shahrzad Cohen, audiologist and founder of Auditory Processing Centers, sponsors of this event.
Reza Kheirandish, DVM, PhD, Shahrzad Azizi, DVM, PhD, Mahmoud Salehi, DVM, PhD, Saeedeh Shojaeepour, DVM, and Saeed Hassanzadeh, MS
As Shahrzad seeks new allies to break Khalid's curse in order to save the doomed city and allow the lovers to reunite, the caliph deals with rebuilding Khorasan and intrigues in his own court.