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n.1.See Sheik.
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The passion Al Asfoor has for the Designer Shaik brand is evident in the cutting edge research and development programme that he subscribes to, which in turn is reflected in the spectacular growth of this truly outstanding fashion house.
The Baby singer has been seen spending time with model Tyson Beckford's former girlfriend Shanina Shaik on a luxury yacht.
( Shaik Imaduddin created a render that packs a bezel-free screen and quad-core 64 bit Apple A8 processor, 2 GB RAM and 10 megapixel camera.
Abdulrahman Shaik captured first place in the men's nett division with a stunning 3 under nett 69 and Ian Robson took the runners-up spot with a 1 under par nett 71.
Abdulrahman Shaik captured first place in the men's nett division with a stunning three-under nett 69, and Ian Robson took the runner-up spot with a one-under-par nett 71.
Shaik Faisal al Otaibi has expressed his serious displeasure and criticism over the speech recently made by A.H.M.
The award was presented by Pakistan's Federal Finance Minister Dr Hafiz Shaik.
Owner Abdul Rauf Shaik has spent thousands of pounds maintaining the building in the belief his hotel proposal would get council support.
His fall from grace began when he was implicated in the corruption and fraud trial involving his financial advisor, Schabir Shaik. Shaik, who was also involved in the liberation struggle, built up a corporate empire after the onset of democracy in the country in 1994.
Housing and Water Minister Shaik Baksh said the money will be spent over the next five years on further development, with a focus on community development and participation within the housing sector.
Two people identified as Shaik Imran and Shaik Imam were arrested while another prime accused, Lucky, a native of Gujarat, is still absconding.