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Noun1.William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
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"It's so exciting - my first reaction after he told me I'd got the part was 'Brilliant!' Then, as the dust settled, I realised the enormity of the role and it became absolutely terrifying!" And Sean is no stranger to Shake-speare, as Linzi Mickey he is returning to "The Scottish Play" having previously played both Macduff and Banquo on a Japanese national tour.
Neither man could explain whose idea it was to put a huge Shake-speare portrait on a Heaton gable end - or who paid - but they know it was to do with the fact that many of the streets in the area have names related to the man they call The Bard.
A trip to the Royal Shake-speare company on August 28, the day after Tata Steel said it was mothballing part of its plant in Llanwern with the loss of 250 jobs.
The Belgrade Theatre took the award for best venue for music, arts and theatre with the Shake-speare Birthplace Trust winning the customer service prize.
"Most intriguing is his alleged remark, 'I am the master of Shake-speare'.
Philip Fisher | The Merchant of Venice is at Shake-speare's Globe until June 7.
five scottish kings MACBETH is among Shake-speare's most challenging roles.
Nevertheless, when the two copies under scrutiny read differently, as when (in 1609) the first and last E's in SHAKE-SPEARE's name interchange, their different widths displace "--SPEA R" sideways; and lateral movement against a stable background--well it's not really stable, is it?
Over the next few years he produced ground-breaking plays, such as the first Shake-speare in modern dress and the world premiere of George Bernard Shaw's Back To Methuselah.
EARLY THIS FALL I VISITED OREGON SHAKE-speare Festival, where I had the pleasure of immersing myself in that venerable company's wide-ranging repertoire.
In reshaping its efforts, the company will also seek out more streamlined alternatives for operations at Shake-speare. Ursa formerly outsourced all aspects of the operation to contractors; equipment was rented and labour was contracted, and with no mill on site, ore was trucked to Strathcona Mill for processing, following which contractors were again hired for smelting.
In 1952 Coward-McCann published This Star of England: "William Shake-speare," Man of the Renaissance, by Dorothy and Charlton Ogburn Sr., a 1,297-page study of the Oxford case that broke the story that Southampton was the son of Elizabeth and Oxford.