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Noun1.William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
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It has often been remarked that at the age when Marlowe died Shakspere had produced not one of the great plays on which his reputation rests; but Shakspere's genius came to maturity more surely, as well as more slowly, and there is no basis for the inference sometimes drawn that if Marlowe had lived he would ever have equalled or even approached Shakespere's supreme achievement.
New this summer,Speke Hall's huge outdoor trailfeatures characters from Tudor times, including Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespere.
Including not-yet-released banknotes, there have been two authors (Charles Dickens and Jane Austen), a playwright (William Shakespere), a composer (Edward Elgar) and painter J.
Nineteenth-century bardolatry was bolstered by a number of organizations and events, including the Shakespeare Society and the New Shakespere Society, established in 1840 and 1874, respectively.
Shakespere," which spatially and implicitly aligns Shakespeare's name more directly with the processes of correction and expansion, rather than initial authorship.
The bookmakers point to the former FC Barcelona coach as the favorite to be the next dismissed coach in the Premier League after Tuesday`s departure of Craig Shakespere, Leicester`s coach.
Charles Knight's edition Pictorial Shakespere (1842), cited at length by Kuhn, deserves more attention within the context of the reception history of Shakespeare during the Victorian period.
Third-place angler was Brian Rigby, of Shakespere Superteam Bait Tech, with 14lb 4oz, which comprised 57 dace caught on the waggler from the Bywell section.
"Slow Shakespere: An Eco-Critique of 'Method' in Early Modern Literary Studies," in Ivo Kamps, Karen Raber, and Thomas Hallock, eds., Early Modern Eco-Studies: From the Florentine Codex to Shakespeare.
"Shakespere's Purpose in Timon of Athens." PMLA 43.3 (1928): 701-721.
Whether spelled Shakespere, Shackspeare, Shakespear, Shakspere, Shaxspere, Shakspeare, Shackespeare, Shackspere, Shackespere or Shakespeare (2), his name is instantly recognized anywhere in the world, as his plays have been read and analysed from a variety of perspectives--dramatic, philosophical, philological, psychoanalytical, historical, religious, musical, feminist, etc.
Poetry a rationalized Dream dealing [?out] to manifold Forms our own Feelings, that never perhaps were attached by us consciously to our own personal Selves.--What is the Lear, the Othello, but a divine Dream / all Shakespere, & nothing Shakespere.--O there are Truths below the Surface in the subject of Sympathy, & how we become that which we understandly behold & hear, having, how much God perhaps only knows, created part even of the Form.