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Noun1.William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)William Shakespeare - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
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The bookmakers point to the former FC Barcelona coach as the favorite to be the next dismissed coach in the Premier League after Tuesday`s departure of Craig Shakespere, Leicester`s coach.
Third-place angler was Brian Rigby, of Shakespere Superteam Bait Tech, with 14lb 4oz, which comprised 57 dace caught on the waggler from the Bywell section.
Whether spelled Shakespere, Shackspeare, Shakespear, Shakspere, Shaxspere, Shakspeare, Shackespeare, Shackspere, Shackespere or Shakespeare (2), his name is instantly recognized anywhere in the world, as his plays have been read and analysed from a variety of perspectives--dramatic, philosophical, philological, psychoanalytical, historical, religious, musical, feminist, etc.
What is the Lear, the Othello, but a divine Dream / all Shakespere, & nothing Shakespere.
but produced me in the same Age as a Milton, a Shakespere, a Pope, A Newton, a Clarendon, or any Other Great Men you please to add, I should without doubt have been equal to any of Them.
She won her Oscar for Shakespere in Love but recently has cut back on roles to play mum to Apple and Moses, her children with Martin.
De Marin Sorescu, quizas el poeta mas difundido entre nosotros por la calidad de su trabajo, tenemcs varios textos conmovedores, como el que convierte la lucha contra el cancer y la muerte en una partida de ajedrez, o el retrato en donde Shakespere es un dios que creo cielos y abismos, el amor y los celos, y los dejo de pie para toda la historia de la humanidad.
Al fin, hemos llegado al ultimo articulo dedicado al autor de A Midsummer Night's Dream ("Pictorial Shakespere.